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Several months ago my daughter was told she needed a root canal. They referred her to a specialist, and set her up with G.E. Care Credit to finance the cost of the procedure with the charges spread out over time rather than all at once.

They have NEVER sent her a bill, nor a schedule of payments and where to send them! Not a single one!

Yet they have charged her hundreds of dollars in both service charges and "late fees", and called her phone demanding payments. Without a bill, she had no way to make regular payments, no idea when, how much, or to whom to send them. Eventually a single invoice arrived showing how much she had paid to that point. So she finally said to heck with it and paid off the remaining balance.

Oh, and by the way, the procedure had not taken place yet. G.E. Care Credit was not extending credit to her, this wasn't something like a credit card where she owed them money. She owed them nothing, for a procedure that had not taken place. They were banking all her money, and charging her "late" fees on the money she wasn't sending them, which they pocketed.

It's like going to a bank for a savings account, and the bank charging you 50% interest because you don't keep sending them more money for your own savings account!

G.E. Care Credit does have a complaints department, unreachable by telephone:

G.E. Moneybank
P.O. Box 981438
El Paso, Texas [protected]

They said they have no telephone in that office; all complaints must be handled by postal mail only.

If your doctor or dentist refers you to G.E. Care Credit, run fast in the other direction and don't look back. They should not be trusted. They are a very bad company. Tell your doctor to stop using them.

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  • Me
      Aug 14, 2009

    They shouldn't have charged you that far out. I also have the Care Credit card which I got after finding out my daughter needed some work done on her teeth. If the dentist bills the care credit card before the procedure than they are financially responsible. I would go to them and ask them about this. They should have to pay any late fees you acquired!

    Just remember most things you can pay online now, so if you aren't sure about where to send a payment or something like that, check the care credit site. That usually helps. That's what I did. Good luck with getting your fees refunded back to you.

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  • Me
      Aug 14, 2009

    Just remember it wasn't G.E. Care Credits fault, at least not with this issue, it was the dentist that your daughter was seeing. They are at fault!

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