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ge capital / Cheating customers

1 Carson City, NV, United States

I had an account with mervyns. As you know mervyns went bankrupt and closed all it's stores in Nevada. All accounts were taken over by Ge Capital/ Money Bank. The amount on my card had reached to $544 due to late fees and intrests and penalties. I had fallen into hard times and could not pay the fess at the time. January of this year, i recieved a phone call from an agent from GE telling me that a settlement offer was available to me. I was told the debt would seetle for $164. I told them i would do it but i had to wait for my taxes to come in on February 6th and got the number to call them to verify when i had the money. On February 6th, i had called them as i promised and was told the settlement offer was still good. They asked me for my credit card, but due to lack of funds on my card i asked if there was another way. I was told if i did a quick payment it would survice. So as soon as i ended the call i went to a store and sent them the payment. Yesterday i opened a bill from them requesting the remaining balance of the $544 and noticed the payment i sent them was deducted for the total. I immediately called the customer service on the mervyns bill who then told me the seetlment offer was never given to me. He then transferred me to a diffrent department who told me that the settlment offer was denied with no reason. After argueing with that person, i was given a number to call which did not work. I called the customer service who then told me that i had declined the offer. Then he sent me back to the same department he sent me before and gave me the number to the collectors. I talked to the agent who then told me that nothing was noted about the settlement offer, then told me the offer had expired on the day i was given the call, then told me i declined it. Interesting part is that if nothing was noted, how did i get three diffrent reasons about the offer, how did i know the amount the offer was for and where to send it? Thier response, I had to fax them the letter sent to me, and write to inquires to check the recorded phone calls. Since they had nothing noted about the settlement offer i had to prove i was right and that nobody in the company just got lazy and did not document the letter being sent or any of the phone calls.
Anybody have any suggestions?

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