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GDR & Associates / Terrible experience

1 4020 N 20th StPhoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 602-266-9830

After uploading my resume onto a website, I got a call within hours from GDR & Associates asking me to come in for an interview. I arrived at GRD & Associates along with five other people. I was to be interviewed by the owner of the company, Gareth.

My interview with Gareth was short and he did most of the talking. He explained how his employees do presentations for prospective clients of Quill, and how the commission rate is fantastic. I felt pretty uncomfortable with him, and felt that he was leaving some stuff out. He told me that he would contact me later in the evening to tell me if I was going to get to the second round of interviewing. He called a few hours later and asked me to come back the following day for an all day interview. For my second round 'full day' interview, he had me come in and sit down with him again. After fifteen minutes, we were done, and I went home. He called a few hours later and offered me the position.

Against my better judgment, I took the job. I was desperate for money and had not been able to find any other job. That weekend, on Saturday, he called and said they were taking a business trip to Las Vegas to train a few people. He told me I was going and when to meet them at the office. I showed up at the office, expecting a lot of people and a few cars. There was only Gareth, one other and myself going in one car. He said more people were supposed to come later.

When we got to Vegas, I was expecting my own room. I ended up sharing a room with two men I didn't know for a week. I also discovered that his description of the job was inaccurate. He made it seem as though the presentations were given to people who were expecting them. The job is no more than soliciting. After the week was over, I was going to quit. When we got back, I was promised that we would have no more road trips, and was given my own territory in Phoenix.

After on week in my own territory, I was told we had to go back to Vegas and that I was supposed to drive. Again, I was desperate for money. He told us that he reserved the room in my name and to upgrade the rooms to two beds per room once we got there since there would be six people total, three per room. When we arrived in Vegas on Sunday night, the man at the desk informed us that our reservations were not until the following night.

I called Gareth and he asked if anyone had a lot of cash or a credit card to get us the rooms for that night, the deposits and the upgrades. He said whoever did it would be reimbursed. I was the only one who had any money, so I had to withdraw the cash and pay for the rooms for that night, the upgrades and a $100 deposit on each room. In total, it was $360. I got the $200 deposits back at the end of the week.

Monday after the second Vegas trip was my last day. I quit that night. I am still waiting for my commission only paychecks and the reimbursement for the hotel in Vegas. I have had many excuse-filled conversations with Gareth. He has given me every excuse in the book for not receiving my paychecks yet. In addition to this, he told me he never instructed me to get upgrades for the rooms and that money will not be reimbursed.

If you get the opportunity to work for this man and this company, I would suggest rethinking any other options you have. I had this job for less than a month and it ended up costing me a lot of money.

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  • Ag
      8th of May, 2009
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    Gareth is actual quite an upstanding and amazing man who affords a lot of people a lot of opportunity. Business trips and the like are always reimbursed, not only that, you get paid extra bonuses for going and performing well. To say that you were told you had to drive is ridiculous, because all you would have to do is speak up against it and you wouldn't be driving. Also, the paychecks are distributed by Quill, not him, and your inability to take control of the situation is clearly your downfall. I'm sure that if any of this could be proven, you'd be making an actual case out of it by now.

    Gareth has started a non-profit organization benefiting children with leukemia, competes in triathlons for charity, and is always there to help anyone he can. To make him out to be some kind of con-artist is ridiculous.

  • Ut
      22nd of May, 2009
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    I agree with this complaint somewhat. AgtOrange I understand when you state that he is not a con-artist. The business that Gareth is in is one of the toughest ones out there. It's definitely not for everyone.

    However he does exhibit other behaviors that are inappropriate. He's a poor leader and teacher. It's true that he himself is successful and knows a ton about the business, but he doesn't know how to convey skills to his employees or refuses to do so.

    He also closes sales for certain employees alowing them to reep the benefits after doing nothing at all, while others are out working twice as hard and getting nothing for it. He also exhibits other types of favoritism such as creditting those he favors with the ideas of others.

    He's not a con-artist in the financial sense because I do agree that he is lenient or gives incentive to people who drive or do not want to drive, however he does a great job at befriending you quickly and making you feel like you can trust him quickly. He gets your trust and then takes advantage of you later.

    I guess all complaints against GDR can be rest assured within reason, because he's definitely on his way down now. In one day he had 8 people quit on him...people are obviously figuring everything out.

    And when it comes to the triathlons and charities, are you sure those were his ideas?

  • Tu
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree, I just interviewed with him today, asked him directly about how exactly this worked and he didn't even mention the Quill corporation nor got into specifics on what the training would be about specifically. He did mention there would be a base salary of $50K and 28 % commission rate for a entry level sales and marketing position which makes no sense at all and tried to reassure me it would be W4 position.

    The secretaries were evasive to my questions about the company and would rather talk about personal matters and seemed very nervous to me as they pretended to be talking about some sales percentages. One even had trouble speaking clearly, and except for his partner who appears to be from India or Pakistan, just incase you do interview there or with him instead, everyone else including Gareth seemed tweaked out to me, which is just that statement, seemed not making an assupmption nor definite slanderous statement. Now they may just be all real tired and wired on coffee or other caffeine but it all seemed very shady period. He also told me we would be negotiating for companies that already had contracted GDR to negotiate business contracts for everything from services to supplies and to be honest with you, I have worked for some companies he mentioned on a contract basis and they have there own departments and CIO usually who do this for themselves why would they pay obvious exhobornant amount of monies to pay for a 28% commission rate of any outsource of what is done internally as part of someones job description.

    There was music bumpin on the radio like we were at the club which is great if we were there but this was a job interview for a professional industry supposedly. He told me he was in the British Navy and that he is from the UK but seems like he is from down south east here, with a very unusual interviewing style, I've never seen before. I agree he tries to go into what a person does for fun and get out of what exactly the nature work is in regards to. The entire process from the door put me on the defensive which is why I know I was not called back. By the way I was told by one of his secretaries that they were there for a year so I would ask them more about that if you read this before the interview. Gareth stated they were moving to Scottsdale, Camelback road next week when I joked with him if they would still be there next week, building it up like they were growing from extremely small office to a larger all glass upscale, uptown building. Anyway he definitely got the impression I had either read this first which I did not before interviewing with him or that I just didn't buy what he was putting out.

    I'm usually very confindent when interviewing but the entire situation made me quite uneasy and defensive, hopefully you'll avoid wasting your time or worse there as well. I would also give no references at all until you find out a lot more about the company and exactly what you are getting into. I am going to check out the company since they have no website which is also a indication of something is definitely wrong here for a sales and marketing firm supposedly and what better bussiness bureau complaints have been filed against them.

    I would advise if you do get offered a position there that you document everything carefully, keep an attorney on retainer even something as basic as prepaid legal just incase and find out as much as you can about the history before you commit yourself or get left holding the bag because of ambition or nievety. In this day and age you need to protect yourself especially your personal information and even the application for employment is crazy weak asking for just one job history and 4 references, no disclosure statements or the obvious documents that come with a real position process. Sooner or later if anything illicit is being done here I really believe it will eventually catch up to them, I just hope someone who really does need to work for real pay doesn't end up becoming one of their victims. I honestly believe if he was just straight up about what the job is really about he could get to what he needs even if it is illicit, people are desperate enough to do what they need to do to make money but then like any other illicit activity it will build a bigger and better case for everyone involved including and especially the leader of that activity. Again these are statements of speculation and not based on anything definitive as of yet but just to keep in mind.

    Thanks for the Quills company information, I'll do somemore homework on this and post what I find out about it here in regards to GDR or Gareth or what the Quills company is about. Be safe out there, with identity theft the largest crime here besides narcotics and drugs related crimes, we need to protect ourselves. Lifelock, putting your ssn on fraud alert for free with the repositories, protecting your online privacy with services like myprivacy+, ect are worth the couple of dollars monthly as well as Chase services to protect your banking, savings and other financial accounts. Plus just remember this, they have your address also and we did discuss what legal arms we both had, even though I never told him what I had exactly as one of my hobbies when I can afford it. He tried to educate me on what I already have and obtained when I purchased them a conceal and carry permit. Anyways, good luck be careful and ask lots of questions especially if in between jobs like I am and trying to take any work right now.

  • Tu
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    Alright this what I did found out so far regarding their website which is also as vague as the interviews and apparent business practices:

    Also, check this out incase this just another of the same subsideries or maybe GDR is an off shoot created off of this or being changed because of legal matters or to avoid them:

    Rich Marketing Concepts, Inc.
    Rich Marketing Concepts, Inc. Phone 602-266-9830
    Address 4020 N 20th Street Fax
    City Phoenix Email
    State AZ

    It's the same address different phone numbers but same vague promises:

  • Tu
      13th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Aha, this is what it is, he did mention office supplies, you'll be selling office supplies. Why don't they just say so, instead of being so damn shady about it. They would be far more effective if they were just upfront about what this in regards to and include how exactly the training will go and they would be actually more effective if they invested in additional wharehouse and call center which quill already has and just work under the quill banner instead of all these smaller off shoots of the same. OMG, how funny is this, anyways if you do get to read about this with any of these off shoots and can do it, then be upfront with the questions and especially travel expenses ect...and keep that attorney on retainer just in case.

  • Tu
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    OH, very important do not agree to anything prior to getting an written offer okay, if they're willing to pay 50k base plus 28% commission get it in writing and hopefully the line to class action suits if any won't be too long and bankruptcies won't be easy for them to move from company name to company name. OMG, I can't believe people are doing this at these harsh recessive times, crazy man, please be careful.

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