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GDPchina World of warcraft Gold / lack of product

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Essentially those who have spoken up here already have the details.

GDP china has links to their website claiming to sell world of warcraft gold and delivery times of under 30 minutes. In addition, they even state that their fastest and safest method of delivery is to give them your account information (thank god I didn't.)

This company is seriously BAD news. After ordering 2000 gold, I recieved an email saying that it was on it's way. After a couple hours of waiting I emailed them asking for an ETA and they replied "2-48 hours." obviously I was a bit miffed: 2-48 hours? the link said most orders under 30 minutes. Of course when i brought this up in live chat the person "caroline" or somesuch said 2-48 hours is what 97% of their business occurs between.

Fine, I'll wait right?

24 hours hits and I get on again with a different chat person and ask what is going on with my order... they assure me the order is on the way and that I will recieve my gold as soon as they can finish accruing the amount. I look over their "about us" page and under point 2 under gold farming it says that if the order takes longer than 24 hours then a person can recieve a full refund "if desired."

However, I decide to give them the full 48 hours.

well, at 48 hours I still haven't recieved a phone call. I get on with livechat again (sally?) and say that unless they can get it to me ASAP I want a refund. She assures me that they will put a hot rush on the order and I'd be the first order they get out. I say that I'm going away for a day and that if the order is not ready by the time I get home, I want a refund. She said okay, and assured me it would be ready.

Well... at 96 hours I get home with no phone calls still. This time I get Evangeline who says "we are still getting your gold we will call you when it's ready." As if i haven't heard that one before. Well I've had it at this point and request a refund, and she says the order is almost ready. I tell her no thanks, and that, with 4 days, I could have accrued 2000 gold by myself with daily quests and a couple hours of farming easily (thus a professional gold-company should be capable of much faster turn-around no?). Well she tells me that if I want my money back I can "talk to paypal" and that her manager is not online. She then proceeds to log out of the chat and leave me hanging without any more offers to somehow resolve the issue.

Welp, here I am out my money. In the end, the money loss wasn't exactly huge, but it is the principle of the matter. I understand that paypal has trouble getting money back on "digital" items... but I intend to really push this issue and hopefully get GDP's paypal verification revoked.

In any case, if you are reading this hopefully it isn't a check-up on the website AFTER having made a purchase (and hopefully hopefully hopefully you DID NOT give them any of your account information). DO NOT make a purchase from this company... the 2 to 10 dollars you'd save according to their lesser and very bogus pricing is NOT worth any of it.

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  • Sh
      25th of May, 2009
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    I had nothing but problems with GDP China and Itemgarden with gold purchasing. It was mainly the time they took to get the gold to me (the last order was for 2000G which took 2 days to get 1500G to me and then nearly a month for the remainder. Their "explanation" was that Blizzard had been shutting down their accounts. I said that, according to their website, the gold can take upto 2hrs. I said that I didn't want the gold in several sums - it's no good to me like that (You can't exactly go and buy your Cold Weather Flying 500g at a time lol!)

    It IS tempting to goto sites like these offering cheaper WoW gold, BUT it is worth paying the little extra on a more established site and not having to wait ages for the delivery.

  • Mi
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    Once again GDP China wow gold has lived up to their reputation, I spoke live to them before purchase and was guarunteed the had tje gold in stock and could delivey within 1 to 4 hours of purchase, so I purchased the gold only to hear later they were still collecting and would call when they had it, so day one no gold.
    Day 2 wake up to find an email that was sent at 2Am that the gold was ready after telling them specifically that I can only be in the game between 5:15 Pm and 8:30 PM Eastern standard time, when I contacted them that I was in game and they could deliver it they said we no longer have it, what a surprise.
    After more than five days they started delivering small amounts at a time until 1300 gold remined owed.
    The next day I received a call that they had the rest and I told them I was at work and would be home in about 8 hours and would contact them for delivery and we hung up, about ten minutes later I received a call and was told we put the 1300 gold in your wow mail box and to check as soon as I get home and let them know if I received it and I said ok.
    When I got home I immediately logged on and checked and no gold, wow another surprise, so I contacted GDP only to be told that to bad we sent it and maybe wow blocked it but they would not replace it because that is the chance you take with mail and I said but I did not ask for it to be mailed you sent it and called afterward and their response was well we sent it so delivery is complete.

  • Po
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I can only agree with Shortstock. I paid and waited and waited...Finally i threatened them to go to Paypal, which I did. 15 minuts after i received confirmation that Paypal was on the case, I received a mail from GDP informing that the gold was ready. IT seems that I made them very angry, because since that time, they have done everything possible to bother me. I have no proof that it is them, but since then, I was hacked 3 times, and they emptied my account. On live chat with GDP, thay claimed, that they needed my IP adress to be able to check that I was the owner of the account. I never gave it to them, but somehow they must have succeded in getting it.

  • Ca
      28th of Mar, 2010
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    I've ordered many times at other companies before like lootgame, mygamestock, wowgoldcc and susanexpress. The only way of delivery I accept is face-to-face. No auctionhouse or mail for me. Since I'm familiar with the knowledge that goldfarmers can't be trusted I can give you few tips when you decide to buy gold. Never give them a copy of your id, your picture (either "hi pretty can I see you pic please"), ip-adress and such. If you make an account on their website, make sure your password isn't the same as your paypal, battlenet, e-mail and such. Even make sure your paypal address isn't your real one (except you are using your linked creditcard, then you can't change the address). Have you ever seen the goldfarmers address on the paypal receipt?

    I found this site by google "cheap wow gold" and decided to try it. The first time when I bought gold, amount: 10k, it took 3 days before they could deliver it. At the live chat they told me they could deliver it within an hour. So I waited a half day and contacted the live chat. They said they need more time, like 1-6 hours. One day later, same story. I decided to open a dispute on paypal to claim my money back. Few hours later, they called me and told me the gold was ready. I logged in and I got my gold! Second time when I bought from GDP was also 10k. They delivered 4, 9k after 12 hours. The other part I received about 24 hours later. I was really worried about being scammed after I read all bad reviews at complaintsboard, but after 2 orders I changed my mind.

    The positive point from this company is that the prices is really low.

    Negative points are that they speak barely English at the live chat. Sometimes I think they don't realize what I'm asking or saying. Besides they can never deliver the gold within the promised time. So only order I you are not needing it immediately.

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