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Ipoh, Malaysia
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You gdex guys are you still working in the company or not? why none of you are answering n giving us a proper statements?? until we have to keep on calling you guys several time then only will get to your call. again and again incident happening with you guys gdex. yesterday, one of my colleague called up you ipoh branch to come and collect the parcel.. no one arrived to collect the parcel.. the next day morning, the same colleague of mine whom called up the day before, called up again one of your staff and asked?? they are so irresponsible can tell us that may be the system is down so due to that they never update the system properly. how irresponsible n careless staff are yours can reply to customers like that. is that you gdex giving us free service?? in this year, 4 to 5 times we are getting over like this with gdex.. . ipoh and kl branch is it worst branch n staff ever I could see..

Oct 24, 2018

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