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Whoever is in charge and head of GCI internet and cable, must sit in their office all day, kicked back, shining their red pointy horns.

The fact that in this day and age, when the internet is so cheap in MOST places, yet costs an arm and a leg in more rural places, is ridiculous. To charge so much for going over the limit, which can happen very easily, is ridiculous. needs to come out of the dark ages, and get with the times. Just because a place is rural, you shouldn't charge more, you should lift that stupid, pesky limit of Gigs per month, and be thankful people even want anything to do with your slow internet company in the first place!

Just wait until something else becomes available, like say maybe AT&T or Cox, in the more rural areas. You can bet everyone would drop GCI like a fly since everyone knows they're trying to squeeze every single penny out of the customer!



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