GCA Global CashScam charges

At 6:37 I swiped my card in an ATM operated by GCA at Harrahs and the transaction seemed to be fine but the ' please remove cash' message remained on the screen for about a minute with no cash dispensed. A message then came on telling me the transaction couldn't be completed and I would not be charged for the amount. At that point the machine was out of order.At 6:40 I then went to a different ATM and withdrew $300, the same amount I attempted to remove from the first machine. I went back to this same machine about an hour later and attempted to remove $200 but was declined and then tried for $100 which was also declined. I knew then that I indeed was charged for the first transaction even though I received no money.

After going through the usual hoops at the casino I finally ended up with a floor manager and the security supervisor listening to my case. The called GCA who not surprisingly told them I did get the money. At my request the security tapes were reviewed which clearly show me standing there and not getting any cash. At this point I was told to contact my bank. I contacted them today to initiate an investigation.

It is obvious this company utilizes this deceptive behavior regularly and provides no method for consumers to address the issue in a timely manner. I fault the casino for its policy of deferring all issues to GCA. I will no longer use an service offered by this company nor will I frequent establishments who do business with them.


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