Gbinvestigateprivate investigation service

G Nov 25, 2017

Gbinvestigate don't investigate anything!
Gb stands for graham bunten as well as greedy [censor]. There is no paul marshal working for this company yet this is what graham bunten calls himself in order to hide behind his disgusting practice of taking money from vulnerable, trusting individuals for no service whatsoever.
I used this company in good faith and had to involve the police at the point I started receiving extremely abusive calls from both graham and his wife vanda.
The uk office is a virtual office address (So doesn't really exist), the phone numbers on the website are also designed to mislead customers into thinking there is an international presence. It's simply not true. They do not accept paypal or any of the other methods of payment they advertise on their website. Graham bunten will insist on a cash transfer so your money is not safe once he's taken it from you. The no results, no fee guarantee is a complete scam. This organisation need shutting down! Do not trust a single word graham bunten says. He is a fraudster, a bully and a blatant thief with no conscience whatsoever.

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