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Gateaway / Bad service

1 United States

I am a student who purchased a Gateway laptop about 10 months ago. I got a great deal on my notebook paying about $650.00 (after adding everything about $800.00) at the time of purchase they had offered me a ridiculous warranty in addition to my one year warranty for over $200.oo... of course anyone paying $650.00 for a laptop would find this ridiculous. If I had known then that my laptop would be essentially unusable 10 months later I would have reconsidered. My complaint regarding gateway was that I was going to do school work as I had many times before and when i opened my notebook the LCD screen was "cracked", not an actual crack but it had lines down on one side and was unusable. I called the company immediately to report my findings as the computer had no damage done to it what so ever, I was transfered numerous times and told that they could not help me. I explained that this must be an error in the quality of the LCD, I was told over and over again that this could not be the case. I was then told by there employees that they consider this customer induced damage, i am still confused on how being that I simply opened my notebook up. I was then told that I would need to pay $500.00 for the LCD screen. After I found out the protocol I asked to speak with a manager, I was told probably four times that they would not be able to help me so I was wasting my time... I still insisted. I was put on the phone with a manager named "Matt" whom refused to give me a badge number, email address, last initial or any way to distinguish him from anyone else there. When I asked him how I would distinguish him if I wanted to refer to our conversation he told me " I am the only Matt here" I then said "where is here?" knowing that when you call these companies they have call centers all over the world and I would never be able to find whom I had spoken to. Matt continued to give me a very hard time, I would go as far to say that he was condescending and really did not care about the situation at all, he told me that I would have to pay the $500.00 for the screen... I explained that this was ridiculous to expect someone to pay this much after paying $650.00 for the entire computer only a few months ago... he had nothing to say. I was told that the only people that could possibly help me was Gateways executive response team who did not except phone calls or emails, you had to write to them and they would contact you, this alone being peculiar in this technologically based world from a company who makes computers. At any rate I did write to them and send my computer back so they could see what I was referring to. Gateways executive response team did not contact me till almost four weeks after I sent the computer, when one of the employees called they left messages everyday on my home phone number after I stated in my letter and on messages I left for the individual to call me on my cell phone... they continued calling the house still. After a week of phone tag because they would not call the correct number I finally spoke to an individual there. The individual named "Queen" proceeded to ask me questions that I had been asked numerous times before and the answers to which were in my letter... it got to the point that I asked her if she had actually read my letter because it explains everything, she snapped back at me with "yes, I have it right in front of me" when i referred to the LCD screen she had no idea what I was talking about, (recall: I sent the computer to them for this purpose)I asked if she was looking at my computer and she told me no, that they usually were given pictures but she had none. "Queen" offered no new answers, no help and no understanding from Gateway. My complaint is this, Gateways customer service is seriously lacking. I expected more from a multi-million dollar company. Managers that are rude and condescending.. not to mention unhelpful. An Executive response team that serves no purpose that I think they purposly make difficult to contact because they suspect that no one will take the time and effort to try and reach them, who knows what they do with your property after they receive it because it is no where to be found when they contact you. I have left this situation angry, disappointed and out of $800.00 and a lot of time and efforts. I caution anyone who is thinking of buying from gateway because there customer service alone is a reason not to. It is latently obvious to me after reading others comments and my own situation that Gateway just does not care about there customers after they get your money.I personally will never buy from them again no matter how good the deal is and will make sure my family and friends do not as well.


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