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Gate 1 Travel / Misreprentation

1 United States


We were interested in the "independent" travel package for Costa Rica which included the aifare, transfers, hotel & rental car because we thought it was a good deal for less than $1000/per person. We weren't sure if it was sold out or not so we also reserved flights on Delta airlines which allows you to cancel within 24 hrs without charge.

When we called the Gate 1 agent said the package was available and the only thing "on request" meaning they could not confirm was 1 of the hotels at one of the cities we would be staying at. However, the travel agent assured us that the policy is that they look into another hotel of equal or better status and give us the option to accept.

So, happy with being able to book 2 wks of our travel date for a good deal I put down a deposit and told the bf to cancel the Delta tickets since everything was taken care of. Later that week getting worried about the "on request" hotel I checked the invoice online and it said they had upgraded us to a better hotel that was "on request"as well. When I called in they said they were waiting to hear back on the "upgraded" hotel that would cost us $94 more to see if they had room & would get back to us.

So a couple days pass and about 1 wk before our departure - I check online to find that the ENTIRE RESERVATION WAS CANCELLED!!!

I received no e-mail, no call, there was no explanation on the website. We call in the next day to have the supervisor tell us that they couldn't confirm the upgraded hotel and then that the airfare had expired. But then he goes to check the hotel and finds that he can now offer us the exact same package because now suddenly the hotel has room..but the flights will cost us $400. Which is ridiculous - the same package - is now $400 more due to them prematurely cancelling.

Then we tried to explain that no one told us that the flight would "expire" or that the whole package would suddenly be cancelled just because they couldn't confirm a hotel.

The supervisor then tells us it is "common" that when the air is reserved he can't get the land or when the land is reserved air is on request. He then tell us that the "whole" package was "on request"

When we told him that;

1.) On the invoice it only said the hotel was on request NOT the entire package
2.) It was never explained to us or written anywhere that the entire reservation would be unilaterally cancelled
3.) It was never explained that the "reserved" airline flights would expire at a certain time

His only response was that it was OUR fault for booking so close to the date. Which doesn't make sense because if they knew this would happen why would they still offer the package.

So in then end my bf & I who are left w/o a vacation only days before I fly out to NYC just so we could leave for costa rica and ticked beyond belief.

Oh a day later I get a call from the travel agent letting me know that they cancelled my reservation because they couldn't confirm the hotel. Funny - how the supervisor could find us one a day after they cancelled our entire package.

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