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For those of you that are unaware, GAS UP AMERICA IS the side project of the SCAMMERS at FREE BEE GAS!!!

I have a friend that is quite internet/computer savvy, I explained my program that I'm currently involved in with
and, also told him about the "other" program that was shut down in Florida. Don't you know he called me within an hour with this news!!

ALL of this company info is IDENTICAL to! Same city, same contacts, SAME everything!

SO just a heads up! And, NO Ted I don't work for this company either.

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  • W3
      Mar 12, 2010

    I am the CEO of Gas Up America.Net - which is in fact NOT FreebieGas- If you have done your homework you and your computer savvy friend would find that is owned and operated by W3M Consortium, LLC a company based in Melbourne FL, not FREEBIEGAS which was owned and operated by Tidewater Marketing LLC out of St Petersburg FL. That company is now in receivership and their owner is facing several criminal complaints.

    Our program does not require you to accumulate any fixed amount over multiple receipts and mail them in, rather we ask you to participate in market research, lead generation, and other forms survey participation. We take that information and deliver that to our data clients, not that different from or any other online survey company. All of this information is clearly outlined on our about page and comments like this are borderline slanderous. Freebie Gas was not a sustainable model, our system has no expiration date on membership, and as such, you can take surveys which YOU elect to participate in.

    Thank you,
    Management W3M Consortium, LLC

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  • La
      Oct 03, 2010

    Just signed up as a result of a product I ordered. I hope this is not a way to steal personal info..through my computer!!!

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