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Gasfix / Scott Lathe a hustler and a thief

1 Canada

Yesterday I came home to discover that the computerized panel on my swimming pool water heater was stolen. I called the police at Hamilton, Ontario and they said that they cannot do anything about it.

Here is a story that might enlighten or educate a lot of innocent and unsuspecting homeowners around Hamilton area.

On May 24, 2007, I wanted to open my pool for a party on June 1st. My swimming pool heater lights up for 15 minutes but turns off after. I called gasfix and a person named Scott Lathe answered the phone. He said he can do something about it, so I hired him.

He came and replaced my heat sensor, charged me for $333.00 and left within 15 minutes without even checking whether it works. I called him, he came back and replaced my pressure switch and he told me that it'll cost another $300.00. He left after 10 minutes and again without checking whether there is a hot water coming out to my pool. After 3 hours there was still no hot water. I called him again and he came back the next day telling me that I need a controller, which he asked for another $300.00. I refused to pay for the 2 extra parts that was put in until I'm satisfied with his services. He replaced my controller but he ordered the wrong part while he was replacing it he was reading the manual while installing, he has virtually no clue what to do. He cut different parts of my heater until he cannot put it together anymore. He left my equipment with all the wires sticking out all over the place and it was worse than what he had started. He mentioned that it'll cost me another $600.00 for the replacement.

After all these delay, I decided to buy a new water heater for $1,099 and hired someone to install it for me. The price of a new one is cheaper than all the potential service and parts he is charging me.

After numerous calls and a lot of rescheduling, I put a stop payment on my cheque. I called him to notify what I've done and he got upset. I asked him to retrieve his parts from the old machine, adjust the charges and give me a new bill.

On June 28, he left the new bill on my mail box but it was too late for me to pay the balance. The next day while I'm at work, he came back and took his parts and at the same time stole the faceplate of my new heater.

I will look for a replacement and pay for this myself but I hate to see someone like me being taken by dishonest people like Scott Lathe. His formula is, sweet talk you into hiring him, pretend that he knows what he's doing, stall the job until you get sick and tired waiting, you'll call another person, then he'll charge you for his useless time.

Anyone who wants to know more please feel free to email me.

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