Gas up America VouchersOffered free gas voucher not true!

Geo Holidays offered $100 in free gas vouchers if you attended there presentation. It actually cost you. You had to spend the $100 first in one visit to the gas station submit that receipt and then they said you would receive your gas voucher. We submitted that receipt for the amount they asked. We now have received a booklet of 5 $20 coupon that we have to take to the gas station and return to Gas up America showing that we spent more money before we can get our actual refund. We can only submit one voucher at a time and not larger than $20. This is making us spend $200 to receive a FREE VOUCHER for attending their presentation. This is a rip off. This is not what was stated in the beginning and I will not trust them for anything else. We never received our food coupon that was promised as well. DO NOT ATTEND ANY FUNCTION DEALING WITH GEO HOLIDAYS!!! THEY LIE!!

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