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I moved to my current address in December of 2008. When I moved the electricity and gas was already on. So I had to go to both and get the bills switched to my name and start anew with my accounts. The electric company was the one who got it right while the gas company is trying to get over on me. In June of 2009 I received a bill over the amount of $1, 400. This amazed me, since my bill was usually no more than $150.00. I knew this had to be a mistake so I called them up to see what the problem was. Come to find out, they were charging me for January of 2008 all the way to November of 2008, a whole 11 months that i did not live in the house. (Remind you I did not move into my current house UNTIL December of 2008.) They told me that I was trying to get over on them by living in the house (My current address) and not pay the gas bill. Which made no sense because I was at my previous address at the time. My question to them was how would I be able to live in both houses at the same time? Why would I put my previous address gas bill in my name and PAY IT EACH MONTH, then go live off someone else's gas and mine? That makes no sense.
So in order for it to be fixed I would have to prove I did not live at my current address in January of 2008 all the way to the end of November. This annoyed me, since I had to miss work to do their job for them. They could have easily contacted the people who lived in the house before I moved in and got them to pay their own bill. Instead they wanted to pin it on me.
I had to gather up all my receipts for rent from my previous address from January to November and fax it to them. I also had to fax my lease from my previous address and the lease from my current address as well. So there, they had all the evidence in front of them stating that I did not live in the house the 11 months they were charging me for. But the bill came back the next FOUR months with the $1, 400.00 and change still attached to it. So in October I called once again. This time I talked to a customer service rep who told me that if I paid my normal monthly bill in full that he would fix my bill and balance it back to $0, so I did. Then the following month in November of 2009 the bill came back with just my balance a little over $5.00.
I was relieved, until I got the next bill in December with the $1, 400 on it again. I gave up trying to talk and reason with them and just paid my monthly bill of $150.00 and no more. But since the weather is about to break they are threatening to cut it off if I don't pay a bill that is not mine.
I need someone's help. I tried and tried to talk to them and get this cleared up but they keep pinning someone else's bill on me. I have two small children in my house, 2 & 3 yrs old. I need my gas on and I can't afford for my gas not to be on. So if someone can help me please do. My email address is [protected] and my phone number should be listed. 908*576*1450.

P.S. Thank you for reading my rather long complaint. Hope to hear from someone soon.

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