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Gas Grill from Sears / Trash gas grill, no help from Sears!

1 United States

Purchased a new gas grill from Sears in Norman, OK on a Friday September 15th for $499. It would not fit in our Explorer so we made arrangements to return the next morning with a PU truck to pick up the grill. Upon arrival to pick it up we noticed that they were loading a crappy beat up grill, and then the employees lifted it by the side burner, which promptly broke under the weight. I told them to unload it we did not want a beat up broken grill for $499!!! The store then made a deal with us to take delivery of their floor model which they would discount 10% (woo hoo). Before accepting it we pointed out that there were several bolts & screws missing, and the side burner was so loose it wasn't usable. After standing around for almost an hour they told us they could not find the parts to fix it, nor could they locate the correct manual to go with the grill, but they would make arrangements for their Service Dept to come out the very next week and take care of everything that was wrong. We agreed. After getting the grill home we noticed that there were 2 burner guards missing, so my husband had to go back to the store so they could take them off another grill for us. Then we patiently waited to hear from the store or service to make arrangements. NO CALL, after 2 weeks I contacted the store, they apologized and promised that I would have a call on Monday! 2 more weeks, and NO CALL. I called the store again, and again, and again over the next 2 weeks. We now have the grill for 6 weeks, and no repairs. So, after reading my receipt I contacted the service dept and they were ever so happy to set up a time to come & take care of everything since that grill was completely covered by warranty. BUT the catch, their service people are only "in your area" on Tues and Thurs, and they don't set appointments they say that they will be by between the hours of 8:00 am and 5: 00 pm. We would have to take an ENTIRE DAY off work with NO PAY just to sit around and hope that their stupid repair guy would show up and actually make the repairs. I told them that was not acceptable, it was the store's & Sears' error and they should try harder to correct their own mistake. Their service person who was on the phone was rude and even raised her voice and began and shout, that's when I hung up. I tried calling the store 2 more times, and after un-returned calls, and 8 weeks into this mess we got up on Saturday and rinsed off the slightly used grill and loaded it up and returned it to the store and demanded and received a full return. Bottom line, Sears employees are equivalent to a Used car salesman. I had always purchased Sears appliances, but after this experience I am re-thinking that. Especially since my 2 year old Kenmore washer just broke last night. Geez, I am so looking forward to calling for service.


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