Gas / Energy / Switch pricing/Extremely inflated pricing

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Palmco called me several times to offer "savings" on my gas utility bill. When I signed up with them they offered a low variable rate for gas. They began increasing the rate in July 2014...7.484/mcf, Aug 2014 ... $16.998/mcf, Sept 2014 ... $16.998, Oct 2014 ... $15.998, Nov 2014 ... $15.998, Dec 2014 ... $ 15.998. I did not notice the increases until Nov 2014 because I was on budget billing. I called to complain but they would not reduce the rate; so I canceled the contract and contacted the Ohio PUCO and ask that they remove Palmco from the approved provider list. Please note that these high prices for gas occurred at a time when the USA and world were experiencing the lowest prices for gas and oil in decades! I switched to IGS and received a fixed rate of $4.99/mcf. My advice to you ... NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH PALMCO!

Feb 10, 2015

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