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1 Gastonia, NC, United States

I have not been to the gym in four or five years and have been battling stage 4 cancer; I called and explained my medical intubation and explained I had totally forgotten about the auto pay and only realized it when I had an NSF fee come the last time they auto drafted the monthly membership. I then told the woman who answered at 10:30 am this morning that I wanted to cancel my membership and the she refused to do it by phone stating it is policy. I said I am physically unable to come in and as far as I am concerned I am cancelled as of today and will reject any future auto withdrawals from my account. I asked to speak to a manager and was told mr John Brooks would be in tomorrow so I asked that he call me and the woman told me he is too busy to call me and i would have to call him. I told her that her statement is unacceptable and that I want to speak to the owner and she said the owner is not available to members. When I was told that the owner is off limits to member I told the woman that I called today and the responsibility is now on the manager to call me tomorrow but that I am officially canceling my membership today. It is ridiculous to be told that the manager is too busy to call someone back

This PF location has collected over 240.00 per year from me for over five years and I have not used their club at all; it is horrific that I have to go there to get my membership cancelled... If my payment wasn't made they would cancel my membership instantly and they wouldn't have to come to my house to tell me they were cancelling my membership

Thinking about this more extensive now; I realize that there should be a law that protects the consumer from memberships that continue indefinitely with no attendance. I know for a fact that you track attendance and you knowingly continued to collect money from potentially an incapacitated individual and that has to be so wrong... I am going to check NC law and see if this is allowed . And I am going to see if other people have found themselves in a similar situation with your PF location

Consider this a written notification that effective today June 11 2017 you are no longer authorized to take any monies out of my checking account and if you do it would be without my permission hence you would be stealing from me.

I am si thoroughly disgusted by the lack of intuitiveness, customer care and consideration from the person I spoke to today and have to believe that this is indicative of poor local leadership...

I am not long for this life due to my medical situation but this has struck a cord and I will take the time to bring this situation to light in the community; to NC Attorney General, social media, and the board of directors of PF franchise group... It just doesn't seem right that I am being treated this way and have to believe I am not the first person to experience this

Lisa Miller

Jun 11, 2017

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