Garcinia New Beginnings / Return Policy

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I purchased bottles of the Garcinia Wow! and Garcinia XS products as a trial version. The trial version would then turn into a charged subscription, which was not clearly advertised. Apparently, within ten days if you don't cancel the trial version, you are now automatically signed up for a sixty day refill subscription. This information was not clearly adverstized on their website. Their website also does not include any information regarding return policies or any other important information. They only include a customer service number [protected]) at the top of their website. Their website appears to be non-active. Their social media pages have not been updated in many months/years. There are also two different addresses and contact phone numbers for two different products advertised on the same website. The packages I received did not include an invoice. The Garcinia Wow! product arrived with just a small paper with their useless customer service telephone number [protected]) and email address, which they don't answer. I finally was able to get a hold of a customer service representative after waiting on hold for over thirty minutes. I expressed my disappointment in their hidden advertisement and wanted to return the product, as I have been charged $183.42 this month. The customer service representative was very rude and unprofessional, telling me to shut up and listen to her as I was trying to speak to her regarding the matter. At this point she informed me that I would only be able to return the products for my money back if I will pay the return shipping costs and a $10.00 restocking fee. I am upset by the outcome of this situation, and I feel as if this website is a scam. I am afraid that I will not get my money back even when I return the product. I was provided a RMA number. I just want to make sure I get my money back because my experience so far has been extremely unsatisfying.

Feb 19, 2015

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