Ganesh Ammolite Jewelryganesh from ammolite jewelry (15) reorder, #[protected] on oct 27 2018

I have not received this order which was mailed in late October from India. but which is not able to be tracked. I have tried to contact the seller several times but have not received any helpful answers.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Tarrytown, NY In my last message to the seller I asked that the order be cancelled and my money returned. I just got an email that a second replacement item is being shipped so hopefully that will take care of this.

Can you check on this?

Thank you.

  • Updated by Lin Snider, Nov 23, 2018

    A ring I ordered from this company was evidently mailed in late October from India but has no tracking information. I have contacted the seller several times but received no helpful responses (they have responded but the responses make no sense!). I have requested that my order be cancelled and money returned but have received no response to this. At this time I would like to get my money back and cancel the order. Can you expedite this?

    Please let me know your actions on this.

Nov 25, 2018

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