GamersFirstUnauthorized billing

I purchased one of their 'premium game memberships, for Sword Of The New World. They were more than happy to bill me, but I never received what I was supposed to. And after a very long, and pretty useless bout with their 'customer service' which is aka as 'copy paste replies that are vague and useless'. I'm pretty upset, granted it was only 30$ but the fact is they never even tried to help. and they even said 'They are working their best to resolve the issue'. If their best is taking multiple days to sort out their own folly. I don't see what 'normal' would be. Also as a paying member our support is 'Supposed' to get the fastest response. But their fastest is like most companies slowest. 3days for the ticket to be acknowledged and then 2 more for it to be closed and 'resolved' with not actual resolution.

All in all, their service is possibly the worst I've encountered as far as games go, and I even played Age of Conan(hah).

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