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I ordered some mabinogi gold (just under $10 worth) from and the company never delivered. Their website says they will deliver in 30 - 90 minutes but its now been 2 days. I have been chatting with people from the company and they keep telling me to come back in 12 hours or the next day. They even tried to get me to send them a copy of a picture id, and a copy of my credit card to verify the order. Yeah right. After refusing they said they would honor the purchase this one time but have yet to come through. I have started a complaint through PayPal and have yet to get a response. After searching Google it seems that these companies are scams. Why does PayPal continue to deal with these people? I will report back on what becomes of this.

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  • Co
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    The following is a copy of the online chat with a gameci online rep. This is the day after the order on 12-30-08.

    Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...

    [leon] Hello, my name is leon, how may I help you?
    [Visitor] i was just disconnected from leon
    [Visitor] I was the guy with the missing mabinogi money from last night
    [Visitor] OrderCode:200812301207270
    [Visitor] the characters name is Lusie
    [leon] wait a moment
    [leon] 1;we need to check your order firstly
    2;please send your pictures of your credit card and identity card to by your paypal email, ok?
    3:you can block other private information but name
    4;we just want to see the name to confirm you are the owner of paypal
    [Visitor] i do not understand, what is "your paypal email?
    [Visitor] i also paid with a bank accoount through paypal
    [Visitor] I have a screen copy of my paypal receipt, is this ok?
    [leon] you can send it to me first
    [leon] then send your picture of your identity card to me, ok
    [Visitor] you know, i'm not sure i feel comfortable with all of this. I will email the receipt to you
    [Visitor] I just emailed the receipt as a pdf attachment
    [leon] 317-783-0337 is your phone number?
    [Visitor] yes
    [leon] you ordered Mabinogi - Tarlacn - 300K Gold+5% extra bonus, right?
    [Visitor] yes, that is correct
    [leon] wait a moment
    [leon] we will give your gold to you this time
    [leon] but if you want to buy gold next time, please send y our pictures of your credit card and id card to me, ok./
    [Visitor] sure
    [leon] wait a moment
    [Visitor] how are you going to give the money to her? Do you need to know where she is in the game?
    [leon] i'm so sorry we have not your gold now
    [leon] please come here tomorrow, ok/
    [Visitor] ok
    [Visitor] can you just mail it to her sometime later today?
    [leon] once we have it we will send you an email ok?
    [Visitor] ok

    This is a copy of the next chat i had with an online rep from gameci on 12-31-08.

    Your Name:

    Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...

    [dondevoy] Hello, my name is dondevoy, how may I help you?
    [Visitor] OrderCode:200812301207270
    [Visitor] Have been waiting for 2 days.
    Can you deliver the gold or not?
    [dondevoy] sorry, no stocks now,
    check it 10 -12 hours later or tomorrow pls
    [Visitor] I want a refund or i am reporting this to PayPal.
    [dondevoy] so you cant wait any longer ?
    [Visitor] no
    [Visitor] you can refund my money now and email me when you
    can complete the order and maybe i will place another order
    at that time.
    [dondevoy] sorry, i cant refund you now, i have no such right,
    i'll report this to our manager, and he will refund you when he
    [Visitor] I am sending this to PayPal and reporting this
    conversation to some online game sites.
    Boy i am ever so glad i only spent 10 bucks. what a rip off.
    [Visitor] I have just filed the dispute with PayPal.
    If order is not completed or refunded in 12 hours i am reporting
    this to some online game forums.
    [dondevoy] kk

    This is the final chat with an online rep from gameci on 1-2-09.

    Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...

    [leon] Hello, my name is leon, how may I help you?
    [Visitor] OrderCode:200812301207270
    [leon] please wait a moment
    [Visitor] its been 4 days.
    [leon] you ordered Mabinogi - Tarlacn - 300K Gold+5% extra bonus, right?
    [Visitor] yes
    [leon] please cancel your complaint first, ok?
    [Visitor] yeah right
    [leon] let me check our stock, ok/
    [Visitor] complete the order and i will gladly cancel the complaint
    [leon] please go to banker of tir in channel 5
    [leon] and please cancel you complaint first
    [leon] then we will give your gold immediately, ok
    [leon] hello, you here?
    [Visitor] yes
    [leon] cancel your complaint first
    [leon] then go to banker of tir in channel 5, ok?
    [Visitor] it will take a few minutes to get there, but i will not cancel dispute FIRST. i will cancel AFTER you give me the gold. I have paid you. I will escalate this claim immediately if you do not keep your part of the agreement. Understand?
    [leon] what?
    [leon] how can i trust you?
    [leon] cancel your complaint, then we will give your gold to you immediately
    [Visitor] all i want is the gold. you are the one short on trust at this moment not me. I am a professional and $10 is nothing to me.
    [leon] if you can not cancel your complanit
    [leon] we will give not give your gold to you
    [Visitor] then you are a criminal
    [leon] could you understand me?
    [leon] i am not manager
    [leon] i am just a staff
    [leon] if i give your gold to you without cancel your complanit, i will be fired
    [Visitor] I will not cancel first. I am escalating this complaint immediately if you do not give me what i ordered
    [leon] ok, it is your choice
    [leon] i will not give your gold to you
    [leon] and i have told this to our salesman
    [leon] then will sold our gold today
    [leon] so you can escalate your complanitm, as i do not want to be fired
    [Visitor] ok

    I am now asking Paypal to escalate and investigate this claim. Will keep everyone posted.

  • Co
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    Paypal says i must wait until the 5th to escalate the claim. I told them that will just enable more people to get ripped off by but PayPal insist that i wait. I will report back on the 5th.

  • Co
      3rd of Jan, 2009
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    On jan 3rd i received the following email from wang yan wang, from
    From: wang yan wang []
    Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2009 7:43 AM
    Subject: Mabinogi - Tarlacn - 300K Gold+5% extra bonus

    this is
    we have got your gold here now, please close the dispute to paypal, then later we could give you gold,
    looking forward to your early reply .

    I responded with this:
    1. If I close the dispute first, I cannot open it again if you lie to me, and that will void my claim.
    2. If you give me the gold first, then PayPal will close the dispute if I do not. All you have to do is tell them that you were a little late and the issue has been resolved. This is fine with me. I promise I will close it as soon as you complete the agreement.
    3. I have to wait until the 5th to escalate the claim to have PayPal investigate it. If you do not complete the transaction I will escalate it.
    4. I will also submit all of the chats/emails to several game forums.

    I will give you some advice. You may be a legit company but as of now, I don’t think so. If you would put on your website that some orders may take a few days then you would not have people complaining and reporting you. Honesty is always the best policy. As long as you have people thinking that they will receive their order in 30 – 90 minutes you are going to continue to have problems with people trusting you. Right now, I DO NOT TRUST YOU.



    I will report back the outcome to every one here at complaintsboard.

  • Bo
      8th of Feb, 2009
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    I am in the same situation. Made an order for 300M Cronous gold and i have been put through the same "procedures" :

    [shadow] we have no stock now
    [shadow] we will refund you
    [shadow] plz come back in 12 hours
    [Visitor] ok, i am calling back in 12 hours for the refund confirmation. have a gread day and thank you for assisting me. Goodbye.
    [shadow] ok

    then, after 12 hours...:

    [shadow] so sry
    [shadow] we really have no stock now
    [shadow] ok
    [shadow] we will refund you
    [Bob] How long until the refund is processed ?
    [shadow] 1 week
    [Bob] Why 1 week ? I need my money back now, i want to buy from another vendor who HAS on stock. 1 week is not a timely manner.
    [shadow] cuz my boss is on holiday now
    [shadow] he will be back in 1 week
    [Bob] You are lying.
    [Bob] Last night you said that he will be there in a few hours.
    [Bob] You [censored]g ###s.

    And this is how it ended. Now i am going to open a Dispute on PayPal versus this cheap ### chinese creeps.

  • Bo
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    It's me Bob from the upper comment.

    This is what happened after some time (scandalous)

    [Cherrity] we need your credit card and identity card
    [Visitor] Jesus Christ! no vendor asks for such information. are you aware that you are asking for confidential data ? It is PAYPALs job to check my account and my card, not yours (the seller). I think it may be illegal to ask for identity card AND credit card.
    [Cherrity] no need any date .we only wanna to see your name
    [Cherrity] you can cover all numbers
    [Visitor] I do not feel so comfortable in sending this private info, i understand your situation too, that you have to check, however this is the first time (and i bought many things online) that i have been asked for such info. If we cannot do this without me scanning and sending my card & identity card, my only choice will remain to start a dispute on paypal .
    [Cherrity] sorry
    [Visitor] I have chatted at least 8-10 times with you guys in order to receive my money back because you did not have Cronous gold on stock. Many days have passed since then and i came back many times to ask for a refund (my money). Do you honestly think that i would come back to ask for a refund if that was not MY PERSONAL paypal account ?

    [Cherrity] we need to follow our company's rule plz understand
    [Cherrity] yes
    [Cherrity] we can refund you in 24h
    [Visitor] It is called a "company policy" and if you please be so kind, guide me to the link on your website where it says that we need to send personal information as scanned credit card and scanned identity card.
    [Visitor] I asked for a refund the first time 2 weeks ago, first you say: come back in 1 week and we give refund, then you say come back in 24 h, then you say come back in 24 h again.
    [Cherrity] U won;t
    [Cherrity] sorry
    [Visitor] ??
    [Cherrity] U won;t
    [Visitor] I do not understand.
    [Cherrity] wish you good luck

    [Visitor] Thank you. So i won't receive a refund, and i won't receive my in-game gold without sending identity card and credit card?

    [Cherrity] yea
    [Cherrity] you r right

    [Visitor] Thank you, this is just what i needed to copy and paste in order to start a good pay pal dispute. Also please look on:
    [Cherrity] U_U
    [Cherrity] you want to scam?
    [Cherrity] plz don;t
    [Cherrity] eccept you are not the paypal ownner
    [Visitor] I paid with my money, obviously i do not want to scam, i want MY money back .
    [Cherrity] un 24 h
    [Cherrity] boss not here

    I never got the time to start the dispute some days ago, so i thought i should give it another try with their customer support in order to receive my money back. Obviously their customer support acts so professional that they call their customers scammers :| . I am going to start the dispute today, because i have a nice proof :

    [Visitor] Thank you. So i won't receive a refund, and i won't receive my in-game gold without sending identity card and credit card?

    [Cherrity] yea
    [Cherrity] you r right

    when i asked for a link to a policy that says the customers have to submit scanned credit card and identity card, the chat support representative avoided the subject. :|

  • Re
      12th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i'm one of customers of the company. and i have bought game gold from them for several times.
    they always have better service and give me cheap price for game gold.
    of course, once they also had no enough stock for me, then they refunded me money.
    So i think there may be mistakes between you.

    Hope enjoy yourselves and enjoy your game.

  • An
      14th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Thats total BS.
    redandblue, it is obvious that you are from that site. You even talk the same way!

    I bought gold from these guys and I spoke with Cherrity and leon too.
    I was also very skeptical about sending my IDs to them, but I just blocked everything the gold the next day (because they didnt have it) and was pretty happy.

    THEN a GM contacts me and removes the gold I have bought.
    I was so pissed off, especially because of the fact that they advertise on their website that they "farm" their gold, "little by little" as they said...which is total BS, you can not make 600Gold on a new server in Talisman Online (I assumed they had a few characters and needed to move the gold or w/e).
    SO the Gm tells me that the gold I have bought, was from a person who was involved in a PayPal charge-back case. Basically what they do, is scam the developers of the game of the gold, then withdraw their money, and send the illegal gold to players. I tried to get my money back and their argument was: "Well, ok, then give us our gold back" I snapped...
    Then they told me "Well we delivered the gold, didn't we?"
    I started yelling at them telling them that the gold which they have sent me, was illegal gold, but they claimed that they sell legal gold...which means that the product that they have given me was illegal, hence not the product I bought...I was so pissed off. So I started a PayPal dispute, after which they have sent me this email:
    Dear friend,

    this is

    we have delivered 600G to your account, but later you contact us to tell us that your gold was taken away by GM .

    sry to hear of that . but you know its not our fault .you should transfter your money to another account to make it safe .

    we hope you could understand us . and next time we suggest you should open a shop to trade with us .

    right now please make your mind at ease and close the dispute to paypal, thanks in advance .

    if you have any problem, please contact us by

    looking forward to hearing from you .



    I replied with this:

    As I have discussed it with one of your employees:
    I was told that the gold is collected legally.
    The GM did not ONLY remove it, they have informed me that the GOLD, which YOU got, was transfered to me by a person who is involved in a CHARGE-BACK CASE. If that was not you, but someone you employ, then that person lied to you, and I am sorry, but the company should carry the burden of being responsible for their employees.
    There are announcements during the game, 24/7 saying that that kind of gold acquisition, is illegal. Knowing that, you have still transfered me the gold which (again) was made by you, illegally. I was not informed of that, and it does not say that anywhere on your website. Your employees told me that the gold was legal, but they knew it was illegal, and did not warn me.
    I did not open the dispute with PayPal because the GM took my gold, that would have been my fault. I opened it because your company lied to me about the way you acquire your gold...and I do not like being lied to, and especially scammed.
    I have spoken with the employee and asked for a refund, he/she refused. I mentioned that I will be contacting PayPal, he/she still refused. So I will follow through, and fight for what is right.
    PayPal will see the charge-backs which are on your account and determine that it is an account which is involved in fraudulent activities, and then close the account. As I said, I have presented the offer of a refund, but it was I will involve PayPal.

    Thank you,

  • Lo
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    I also bought from this site, I waited weeks for my gold and i never recieved. I contacted them without answer, so finally I opened a dispute, and got my money back. They wrote "why did you cancel you recieved your go ld". This kind of ### should be illegal.

  • Gu
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    ...Heh heh...what are you guys talking about...? I received my gold in 30 minutes no problem...and...and...and...

    It's a scam! Don't attempt to purchase anything from these people! They're gonna--

    *Gets shot in head.*

  • My
      27th of Feb, 2010
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    yes same problem with me, i order some gold for 9dragon and every time i go on there site they tell me to wait it took them a week before they finally refund my money. what a joke eh? they promise fast delivery but its false advertisment i tell ya. DO NOT buy from Gameci there are plenty other site who are less pain in the ### then these idoit at Gameci. i also had to get paypal involve to get the problem solved..

  • Ti
      13th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    this website report you with the GM of the games after you stop buying from then... do not buy from this crap

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