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On 15.11.2018 I placed an order & paid for all my daughter's stationery for school for 2019 (Total order R 713.57) On 20.11.2018 I received R 457.67 worth of goods, and R 255.90 still outstanding. On 27.11.2018 I received a packet of Highlighters worth R 45.99. Also on the 27th a lady called & apologised, and said that all the outstanding items will be delivered in that week. Since then, no correspondence received, while I have sent countless of emails and they do not answer their phones. I would like to request that this gets resolved ASAP, preferably before 13.12.2018, either by them sending the outstanding items to me before 13.12.2018, or they must process a refund, and pay it out before 13.12.2018.

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Dec 10, 2018

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