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Purchased a new Xbox 360 holiday bundle on 11/13/08. I was originally considering the xbox 360 elite because that was what my son had requested but the salesman suggested the Pro version because it was the better value. He told at time of purchase that I could return for exchange in 90 days if I really wanted the Elite instead.

I gave the xbox 360 to my son on Saturday 11/22/08. When we set it up and turned it on for the first time it did not function. It gave the three red lights, red ring of death. We spent the next hour going through all the troubleshooting info provided by Microsoft and determined that this xbox360 was defective.

When we contacted GameCrazy regarding the exchange, I was then informed that they will only exchange new units within 7 days of purchase and I was past the 7 days, so there was nothing they can do. When I mentioned that the salesman told me 90 days, I was told that the 90 day exchange policy is only for the used xbox360's and not the new ones.

This makes no sense at all. It was then suggested that I call the corp customer service line and when I did was only told the same 7 day policy. I was told to basically go away and not call back. They could only leave a message for the Dist Mgr Mike to call me back, which of course never happened. This is not right. This is not fair. I don't want anyone else to fall into this trap. Don't buy from GameCrazy. I have reported GameCrazy in Cedar Park Tx to the BBB, Attorney Generals office, and the dept of Consumer Affairs.

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  • Va
      30th of Aug, 2008
    Game Crazy - Terrible experience
    Game Crazy
    1121 Highland Ave National City
    National City
    United States
    Phone: 619-474-5420

    I went to game crazy and bought a ps3 and paid for an additional 1 year extended warranty for $69, well as you know wallmart is 90 days, toys r us is 30 days, best buy is 30 days. I never thought I would get ripped of by any retailer especially within 15 to 30 days.Well fernando the manager of game crazy in national city told me they could do nothing about my defective product and I would have to call sony wow! I never heard that before i always dealt with the retailer that I bought the product from. So after talking to the manager still within the warranty time he tells me theres nothing he can do and to call sony to replace the ps3 after I did all that sony took almost a month to exchange my ps3 and when they did, they sent me a cardboard box with ps3 with a different serial number.So now I call retailer and i am pissed of because it still does not work, so he said ok bring it in ill give you store credit, but when I get there he said it has a different serial number and that my warranty is void. I said you are the one who told me to send it because you couldn't exchange it now that i am willing to accept store credit you cant even do that because you cant verify that sony has the old console I will give this 7days then I will file.

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  • We
      1st of Apr, 2009

    I am felt, I should go buy the game somewhere else .Game crazy ~ they got you crazy ~

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  • Ha
      6th of Apr, 2009


    You're not alone. Thanks for your complaint. I had the worst experience ever. At least Game Stop or EB has better selection of games. Game Crazy does have 90 day guarantee but be aware, a lot of the stores do not post 90 days and when you buy the used game you the policy on the receipt later on. The store in Germantown, MD is horrible experience. You may want to pass this to everybody. I feel like the whole place was a mess. The district manager named Barry or Randy is a total jerk. Employees have been complaining about two employees who he hired for Game Crazy in Wheaton, MD and Germantown, MD. He brought in an unexperience Game Crazy store manager name Adrian Morris and the second guy was a short little guy name Josh Cordero were both mean managers. I had a friend who worked at both location and he told me what happen. They scrutinize their employees and curse at them and falsify time sheets and trades. My friend and his co-workers have tried to talk to the dm Randy and he did nothing to try to fix this problem. The company doesn't even care about changing that's why they're going down hill. Gamestop is lasting long because they have a good marketing department and good work ethics. It's horrible that they do not value their customers nor employees. I used to work at Game Crazy in Gaithersburg, MD and Kenny was a good store manager that I used to work at. The overall experience of them closing down stores was because they do not know how to manage. So whoever lives in Maryland or wants to apply for this job. DO NOT! Or you're going to either be fired by Barry or Randy or one of his stupid store managers that don't know how to manage.

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  • Sa
      12th of Aug, 2009

    I work at game crazy, and I am sorry to say that the person you talked to the first time was misinformed. There is only a 90 day warranty on used Items. If a new item is defective, it should be brought up with the company that makes the product, like Microsoft. I do not know why Microsoft did not tell you that they cover anything that happens to the xbox for the first year. ANYHTING. I know that I have sent mine in and gotten a new one straight through Microsoft. I do not think that it was the stores fault that you got a bad system, but I do think that it is up to Microsoft to make it right.

    Also if you system red rings Microsoft will replace it for free and extend the warranty every time that it red rings. The only way that I can see it being the stores fault is if it was a used xbox, in that case then yes, the store should have made the situation better.

    I would not dog the whole company because one employee did not know what he was talking about, it is bet just to complain about that employee because he obviously had not study the policies of the store.

    It's not the companies fault really, its the fault of who ever hired him.


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  • Ma
      3rd of Sep, 2009

    The employee who you dealt with was wrong. Sadly it should have ended with the manager, whom upon conformation of the error via the employee and yourself, would have gotten approval to exchange it (its usually not that hard to do so if its a special exception) and got you the exchange. Usually the philosphy is if you want to spend MORE money then your previous transaction, it's not hard to get that approved via the District Manager.

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  • Ma
      12th of Oct, 2009

    El Paso, Texas
    I went to get Pokemon explorers of sky on 10-12-09 when it came out but because nobody reserved it thy didn't ship it to the store. Ain't that a pile of $H!T

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  • Mi
      8th of Jun, 2010
    Game Crazy - year membership
    game crazy
    United States

    we whent in ther and i had bought over 90 dollers worth of games and plus the guy told me i hade to renew my memebership for a onther year so i did when i herd thay r closing i ask the guy what he was going to do about my membershio and he said there was nothing thay can do i think thay should give me my money back cause now i dont need the year membershio i want my money backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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  • Jo
      17th of Feb, 2011

    They're not going to do that because Game Crazy went out of business. They focused too much of expanding the size of individual stores then expanding. That's why Game Stop won. They had horrible management and so many managers were set up and got fired. It's like the Mafia modern days. Everybody back stabbing each other. This company could've had potential but they just threw their own people under the bus and their HR doesn't care. Glad this company is gone.

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  • Jo
      17th of Feb, 2011

    I used to be a store manager and got fired from there.

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