Game Copy Wizard / REFUND

I purchased this supposed "program" or "system" depending on which page you are on. After paying through I was given the download link, which wasn't a download at all. It was a link to a website with a bunch of documentation on how to back up your games and dvds using a FREE program from another website and the process doesn't even work. I am an IT tech so it's not an illiteracy issue either. I filed for a REFUND, which was switched back to open status with a note asking which console I was trying to copy a game for. I switched the status back to REFUND with a note letting them know that it was a DVD that I was trying to back up. They switched the status back to OPEN with a note asking what part of the process I was having problems with. I switched back to REFUND with a note telling them what the problem was. I received no response after that other than them switching my REFUND status back to OPEN 5 more times with a note asking which console game I was trying to copy. This has been 17 days and still no refund. Save yourself the time and money and steer FAR AWAY from this website and their scam!

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