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This company is set up to take in money for software one downloads from their site. Their claims detailing what this software can and will do are patently FALSE. They detail the option of getting a refund if the customer complies with certain UNMENTIONED requirements within 60 days but does NOT detail these requirements. On the website there is a provision to file a report/question/request for help and this is assigned a 'case' number which can be traced as to its status. Twice I filed such claims and was issued a different incident number each time. When I checked back on the site and for BOTH numbers, the response was 'no such number/case can be found. It is very clear to me that this company is set up solely with the intention to defraud every wary purchaser.

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      Mar 09, 2011

    Here is a more recent experiance:
    Buyer Beware!
    Product does not match advertisement - This product is advertized ( to mislead the consumer into believing they will receive a Proprietary Software Copy Program that performs certain services. It is an XPS document (How To) that you can get free from the internet. Consumers may search the internet and discover that this (How To) is out dated, does not work solely by itself and does not provide knowledge on this matter. They display and advertise fraudulent recognition awards for their product with no links to their sources. GameCopyPro does not respond to personal emails and uses an electronic ticket system for correspondence with consumers. operates on their behalf (it was in the past). GameCopyPro avoids personal contact with all consumers when requesting a refund on their product; you will/may not receive support if you link into their download section. Thus I feel that the seller is fraudulent in their transactions. Chances are you will not receive personalized support from [protected] if you have elevated issues with their products. Good luck on your return purchases from them.

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