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My company Petrojet worked with a branch company of Galperti called PFF in the Netherlands for our Burullus Project in Egypt, the delivery times of the project where so delayed that we faced many problems and extra costs to complete the project and we had to airfreight many of the items at our costs to get the materials at site, months of delays inspite many promises and lies from the management forged us finally to blacklist them with our company.

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  • Aa
      19th of Apr, 2012

    Galperti is a famous and notorious company, not mainly because of their scope of supplies but because of their bad performance.
    During tendering and quotation stage they promise and tell anything to get the order and try to persuade the whole world that all their competitors are bad, worse, small and not to be thrusted, however when they got the order you as their client will soon discover that these qualifications which they told about their competitors fully fit Galperti behavior.

    What they did with us in several projects in South Pars via their agent Salmour Kalatarian (KJT) delayed the whole project, project schedules where fake, shipments sailing where not even purchased or left the factories, all with the same aim to raise the price of the project when the client has not other choice anymore than to accept to complete the job.
    Kalatarian is awarding his friends very well as otherwise I cannot see the reason why they got so succesful in still getting so much orders as in a normal situation POGC would have blacklisted them years ago.

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  • Ma
      19th of Apr, 2012

    I am a procurement officer working in a Dutch company called HSM offshore, we placed a project for our Tallisman Project with PFF/Galperti and because of their constant delivery slippages and long delays our company faced very difficult problems which had serious financial and reputation damage for HSM offshore.

    The main reason of their problems is that they do not place the sub-orders at their sources and await till the very, very last moment when a client cannot back-out anymore with sometimes destructive consequences.

    I can only advise any new customers look in your vendor list as their are many other good manufacturers who do as they promise, only if you look a full time challange which cause sleepless night and angry customers than use them otherwise, skip and think 5 times.

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  • Je
      1st of May, 2012

    I am a client of Galperti in Colombia and I can advse everybody to go with a big loop around this company when you try to complete your project, their deliveries are terrible, they have delayed our project with 5 months and than still we had to airlift most of our materials.

    When they where bidding they only made many remarks about their competitors and that they had a bad record and that they delivered asian materals etc, etc, and that Galperti was so good and quality wise the best.
    My exeprience has learned me the bad and hard way that everything they told about their competitors meet their own company as a perfect match, TAKE MY WORK, GALPERTI IS A NO GO FOR YOUR PROJECT.

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  • Ca
      2nd of May, 2012

    I worked for the Dragados project in spain, all our pipes where purchased by PFF/Galperti from India.
    It seems that these materials where purchased only at the very last minute which caused several months of delay for our project, we strongly advise any other project team to find another source as this PFF/Galperti will give you gray hair and high blood pressure while your project will be in vain.

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  • Ja
      18th of May, 2012

    I work in a company involved in various phases of South Pars field and we placed many order to Iran Galperti and its manager Mr kalantarian.
    We are facing, many, many problems, big delays, wrong materials, bad quality, our project is having too many delays because of the promises made by Mr Kalantarian. In his presentation all other companies are not good, have bad reputation and have cheated the clients, however we and our team believe than eveything he tells about other would fit his company, very, very well. I advise to all my collegues working in this field, think, 2 or 3 times and walk away from them if you love your country, project and company.

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  • De
      14th of Mar, 2013

    everything is wrong about this company.its just the competitors tricks to misguide the customer.

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