Gallery 84Customer Service - faulty products

I have ordered from this place several times before. The first few times had no issues. The last time i actually wrote a complaint because the instructions I recieved were horrible and impossible to figure out and some it's were damaged. It took several attempts and an online review for them to respond. They said they would give me $50 credit if I removed post. I ordered from them again on my current order. The light was wrong and they refused to refund me and said I would have to pay shipping and a 25% restocking fee. After numerous calls and photos sent they finally agreed to refund for the full amount though I still had to pay $60 for shipping - even though they clearly sent me the wrong light! Now when trying to assemble, again with horrible instructions that are not right - I even have a licensed electrician who has spent 4 hours trying to put this 'POS' together that I paid nearly $900 for - and turns out they provided the wrong screws to put the multi-tiers (it's a Maria Teresa style). This part was pre-assembled and just had to screw the two light tiers together after wiring. You would think that thier QA would have caught that. Now I have to pay an electrican for 4 hours of work for nothing die to thier error once again. I should have learned my lesson the first time in dealing with them. Stay away, you will thank me.

Feb 08, 2015

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