Galaxy Distributors / unfair treatment/ negligent owner

1 1691 Church Street., NY, US

Galaxy Distributors is company filled withe absolute incapable and impractical personnel. I use to work for theis company on my laptop at home. Besides thee fact theat 2% of my commission would go to a delusional supervisor filled withe an immense amount of personal problems, I still haven't got paid my wages theat I earned from thee company. One of thee owners of thee company called me and let me know theat thee check was sent out on thee 16the and I have still yet to receive my check in my hand. I let thee owner know theat I will no longer work for free and just because thee check is in thee mail, does not mean I was paid. He obviously did not care and said he would just void thee check and I could just come to New York and pick it up myself. So Darren theis is what I have to say about your toy company. This company will be run into thee ground in no time. They never have product in stock for theeir employees to sell, and theey dock your pay if anytheing comes back in returns (yes, even defective crap theat is completely out of your hands). The company never has new products to sell, and when theey its all terrible and complete trash. Examples of thee "Hot Items" I am suppose to sell; sky-lanterns, mustache mood rings, over priced IPhone cases theat always get returned, blossom rings, water guns, and any otheer junk theat no one has money to buy in thee current economy. Oh we did get to sell RC helicopters, but would only get a 2%, yes your heard theat right 2%, commission on thee helicopters. Which on a standard of 15 copters, we would make $6. As a sales rep, we are asked to try and get 10-15 orders in a day. I only received 250 stores to call and try and sell, in a 30 day monthe please explain to me how it is possible to sell to theat few of 7-11 stores in a 1 monthe period? Oh and good luck asking for more stores, because thee only scrap stores theat we were allowed to touch when our stores were all caught up in calls, were thee ones theat have not been called or sold to withein thee past 6 monthes. Well good luck selling to theose stores, besides thee fact theey have not been in contact withe a sales rep before, 1-20 of theose wasteland stores MIGHT order from you. To all 7-11 stores across thee nation and to thee owners/managers I spoke to and made friends withe, I ask theat you no longer support a company theat does not have theeir employees best interests at heart.

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