Galaxy CreditMagazine Subsciption

I received a call from Galaxy Credit stating I have received a magazine subscription from US Magazine Service and have not paid since April of 2007. They stated I agreed by phone to the subscription and asked to be build and never submitted payment. I recall the phone call from some magazine service and them wanting my credit card over the phone. I said. send me a bill. The problem is I also received bill from the magazine direct and submitted payment. I followed up the call to the magazine direct and they confirmed my bill is paid in full and not due until next year 2009. They also stated that they are sending me the magazine direct and unless I am receiving two magazines a month then this is a scam. Therefore, I suggest you check into such requests for credit card payment over the phone! The associates from Galaxy are very pushy and condescending to the point of pressuring you into making payment on the spot.

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