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My husband posted an ad on Craigslist regarding his ability to repair laptops in our area, Southern New Hampshire. He got the usual responses from people that could help him with his search, which he never respnded to. He received and email from Mary Peters, offering laptops to be sent to him to repair and asked what his price would be. She (or he) responded with an offer to send him 5 laptops and and payment, that he would pay the shipper and then keep his share. There were so many gramatical errors and misspellings, that I knew it was a scam almost right away. The next morning, lo and behold, a check arrived by FEDEX, written out to my husband, with very little other info on it, for $700.00. He was told to put it in the bank and once it cleared, send the "shipper" his share by Western Union and keep the rest. He tried to get a phone number from this person, Mary Peters and "she" refused due to her grandson breaking her cell phone, but would answer immediately if he emailed, which she never did. I sent her a few nice, choice words and never responded to me, either.
This isn't the only "company" that this ### is fronting, as I can see here on Complaint's Board. I cannot believe that the feds haven't put them out of business and pressed charges against them. They actually have an Ebay account which totally blows me away. How are they getting away with it???
Joanne Damrath


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