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I bought an account from GA-SALE.COM off of their website. After 2 days, I tried to call them. The phone rings and rings with no answer, [protected], right off their main website page. So the only way to contact them is via their online chat, which I do. I am told the account I purchased sold last week, but they have a similar account for $30 more. While suspicious, I go ahead and pay the extra $30.

After 3 more days I get an email with the account information. I am able to login and the account was as stated.

The next day the password was changed, and the email to retrieve the password was still set to GA-SALE.COM's email. They said they would change this within 24 hours. I tried again and I am told something is wrong with the account. I called Blizzard and the account was banned. They tried to say the original owner took the account back(GA-SALE.COM). I called the original owner who said he sold the account last year to GA-SALE.COM and does not play WOW anymore. While this could have been a lie, I have seen other posts saying GA-SALE.COM is not reputable and is a SCAM.

In the end, they did refund me $180, so I lost $110 total. Just a small enought amount to let it go, but still a scam either way. I feel posting about this is the only thing I can do to get even and make them change their domain name or whatever. What a fraud.


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  • Ja
      28th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes is complete fraud. Do not use this company, I experienced the same issues above.

  • To
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    My experience with was awful aswell. Don't use these guys! I've used a lot of these websites and the only one I haven't had a problem with is

  • Ji
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    Don't buy accounts, period, unless you know you're buying it from the person who created the original account. Most account-selling services sell HACKED accounts - as in, they break into a player's personal information, change the passwords, transfer the characters on the players account to NEW accounts, then sell said accounts to the buyer.

    The thing is, the player notices almost immediately that their account has been hacked and reports it. Blizzard then reverses the transfer within 2 weeks and bans the account that the buyer bought. The only person who loses on this deal is the account buyer: the player gets his toons back, the hacker/seller gets their money and walks away laughing, and the buyer ends up with a banned account and his money taken away.

    I know, because my account got hacked and my characters were sold - literally overnight. I got them all back. Don't buy accounts. If you want to play WoW, then do it the honest way and level your own character. It's not really that hard - it takes maybe 2 or 3 weeks to get a character to 70.

  • Le
      12th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yes i agree with all the comments above. This too has happened to me. I think the main muck-up is that we be honest and tell blizzard that we purchased the account, in doing so leads the banning that is unexpected.

    I bought an account from ga-sale, 1st one was lost within a week, then i got another one replaced and that lasted me no more than 3 months. It is utterly hopeless trying to explain to these guys, litteraly they have no grammer punchuation so clearly the company is not based in the US as they say.

    Do not buy WoW accounts... not from ga-sale anyways lol I hope we all learned a lesson.

  • Do
      12th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes


    Apparently this site is making bulk brands.

    All these sites are the same thing, ripping customers off, bannings accounts. HERE IS A TIP FOR ANYONE. IF YOU GO TO THEIR LIVE CHAT, and THEIR ENGLISH IS POOR, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. ASK THEM A SIMPLE QUESTION SUCH AS how many states are there or name the capital of california or who is john mccain or who is abe lincoln. They will say something like if you dont believe we are american, we cannot do business with you. Live chat sells me on RMT sites and unforuntely the truth of the matter is there are only a few out there you can trust, and one is not the ga-sale network.

  • Ga
      23rd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute . There will be one operator talking with you.

    We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.
    Gary 02-23 14:50:04

    Welcome to our customer surpport, what can i do for you?
    You 02-23 14:50:13

    You 02-23 14:50:21

    I want to buy a few wow us accounts
    You 02-23 14:50:26

    I have two questions
    You 02-23 14:50:44

    Actually I have 3 friends who want to buy accounts as well
    Gary 02-23 14:52:21

    You 02-23 14:53:10

    First, what happens if I ban an account, will you give me a refund?
    You 02-23 14:54:42

    Gary 02-23 14:56:18

    If its your own reason get it banned we cannot give you the refund
    You 02-23 14:56:56

    JHow do you justify a ban or not. What if I get this account and it's banned in a few day,s, you could just say it was me that banned it

    Gary 02-23 14:58:30

    We donot do that
    You 02-23 14:58:37

    Can you please hurry on responses, I need to go soon
    Gary 02-23 14:58:37

    Our reputation and success is dependent upon providing a safe and reliable service to our customers. You can browse our selection of accounts to see the many hundreds of gamers that have had a positive experience with our site.
    You 02-23 14:59:02

    I mean, no I really can't see that, anybody can write that on their site
    You 02-23 14:59:22

    Well I guess I just need to know where your companies operations are
    You 02-23 14:59:26

    Then I will buy
    You 02-23 15:01:05

    Please hurry, been in here for 10 mins already I NEED TO GO
    Gary 02-23 15:02:46

    You 02-23 15:03:02

    Ok, so you are not located in Beijing correct?
    Gary 02-23 15:03:56

    Bei jing?
    You 02-23 15:04:05


    You 02-23 15:05:38

    Its' a simple yes or no, gary

    Gary 02-23 15:05:57

    You 02-23 15:06:09

    No.9 Xicui Road, Haidian District
    You 02-23 15:06:13

    so that is not you?

    You 02-23 15:08:08

    Hello? been in here 20 mins now

    Gary 02-23 15:08:50

    You 02-23 15:08:54

    Alright great
    You 02-23 15:10:02

    Lieing to your customers has sold me, so my guild is on the arthas server, and Ill be damn sure to let everyone know not to buy from you guys. All you had to do was say yes, but you lied so why would I buy from you when everything you have said so far has been a lie. Blizzard will ban you guys soon anyway.


    Qi fengyuan
    No.9 Xicui Road, Haidian District

    Administrative Contact:
    Qi fengyuan
    No.9 Xicui Road, Haidian District
    beijing beijing 100083

    Technical Contact:


    Billing Contact:


    Registration Date: 2006-08-29
    Update Date: 2006-08-29
    Expiration Date: 2008-08-29

    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:

  • Da
      26th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    ###, I've just went and bought an account from these = should have read these reviews first.

    I logged into the char and it was still guilded and stuff so I obviously assume it's a hacked account /sigh

    Ah well we'll see soon enough what happens, I'll let y'all know

  • Ad
      26th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Dude, I bought one off that site a 70 orc shaman with all the bells and whistles and by the next day it was gone, password changed and ###. It took me like 2 months to get everything sorted, they're a waste of time.

  • Re
      7th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    For secure account sale/buy I recommended - It's the only reliable I've heard off, but dont expect to get high amount of cash for your account though.

  • Ri
      9th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am not sure on the buying of accounts and how this website works, but was mentioned above as the same buisness. I just sold my wow account to these guys with no problems, got the money in my paypal acount within 24 hours. So if your selling the account, I would have to say at least is legit.

  • Da
      9th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    Sorry. I'm pretty sure that it's against the ToS to sell your account. All the items/characters/etc in game are the sole property of Blizzard.

    I am sorry you got ripped off though. It might not be too late to dispute the charges with your credit card company.


  • Bu
      10th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is stupid, they make it sound so sincere, they make phone calls while buying accounts, but in the end its just a scam lol, sadly i didnt see this thread before the rash decision, good thing i win by giving them a fake wow cd key.

  • Us
      17th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    ### all usa

  • Us
      17th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes is a good website

  • Mi
      18th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is my transcript from dealing with which is one of their alias'. This company is ###ic and does not adhere to their quotes and do not live in the US. Their owner's name is Su Bin, so I asked to speak with Su Bin. Oddly enough, "he doesnt here atm"... lol. Anywho, my company sales accounts to them, but i'm fet up with it. Their quotes are never correct and because of this I have lost several hundred dollars over the past week or so. If I, as a seller, do not want to deal with them... I know that no regular customer would. They give you the run around and try their hardest to translate your text. I said something perverted right in the middle to see what they would do. I expected them to end the conversation right at that moment, however they did not. In fact they continued wanting to purchase my well geared 70 warlock worth $200 for a mere $120... different from their quote of $151. Just don't do business with them... very scandalous!

    Thank you for visiting our website.Please wait for a minute . There will be one operator talking with you.

    We can help you no matter what problems you have. Any questions please contact with our live help.
    Mark 04-18 12:11:27

    hi, what can i do for you
    You 04-18 12:11:34

    Bid#: 2008041812093050389

    You 04-18 12:11:49

    that is my bid number, I would like to sell my account to you
    You 04-18 12:12:11

    for how long is my bid good for?
    Mark 04-18 12:13:23

    $120 is the quote
    You 04-18 12:13:41

    the website said $151
    You 04-18 12:13:51

    do you not honor your quote?
    You 04-18 12:14:50

    Quote information
    Bid#: 20080418120
    Consignment Price: $248
    Quote: $151

    Mark 04-18 12:15:15

    that is not correct
    You 04-18 12:15:38

    how is it not correct? your system told me that
    Mark 04-18 12:16:19

    our system doesnt works well atm
    You 04-18 12:16:38

    Your company needs a big fat **** up their ****!! then maybe you could honor something for once!
    You 04-18 12:20:19

    I tried to call your number, but no answer
    You 04-18 12:20:39

    can you please answer the phone
    Mark 04-18 12:21:40

    if u accept the quote $120 we will go on
    You 04-18 12:21:46

    You 04-18 12:22:05

    answer the phone please
    Mark 04-18 12:22:37

    why u wanna call us
    You 04-18 12:23:12

    I was trying to talk with Su Bin
    You 04-18 12:23:19

    the owner of your company
    You 04-18 12:25:08

    is Su Bin available?
    You 04-18 12:27:38

    Mark 04-18 12:31:43

    he doesnt here atm
    You 04-18 12:32:26

    well can i speak with someone please?
    Mark 04-18 12:33:18

    u can talk with me on the live help
    You 04-18 12:33:44

    before I sell my account to you I would like to verify that you are in the USA through the phone
    Mark 04-18 12:35:43

    ok call it 1-(510)-962-5666
    You 04-18 12:36:01

    one moment
    You 04-18 12:37:05
    Call us at 224-588-5988

    You 04-18 12:37:36

    I tried to call that number, does it not work?

    Mark 04-18 12:37:58

    it doesnt work
    You 04-18 12:38:24

    ok, calling the new number
    You 04-18 12:38:55

    it is just ringing no answer
    You 04-18 12:41:50

    Mark 04-18 12:42:25

    yea it is impossible nobody answer u
    You 04-18 12:43:04

    This is very strange, I do not think I would like to sell my account to you now. Goodbye.

  • Sm
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    These guys are fraud. They have like 6-8 different chinese sites. Just go to the peoples chat, if they can't speak good english, the reason is because they are chinese fraud companies.

  • Sh
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have to say, , that this site was good to me, I sold my account to them, never bought though, i was a little scared at there buying part, but they accualy did give me money after they call you and confirm the account is yours, was on the phone for a hour. and i had to give all the keys and they change the email and what not, and then pay you, i was scared because it was taking so long to answer, but in the end i did get payment to my paypal.

    but now i just got an email from them, with a fake doc, seems to be a password stealer, not looking, i ran it, and.. its from this site, so it seems they have went to bad on me here.

    if anyone has got this and can fix it please write me with subject wow pws please thanks

  • Ll
      31st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I really wished I got some more info on them before I bought my account... So far I am still in the waiting...
    I agree some of them have really broken English. One of the pple I was lucky to land on twice in the help chat was the ID 'Amanda'. This person has near perfect English (if not perfect, I dont recall clearly atm)
    Might wanna ask for this person if your really frustrated with their english (they can swap operators for you if present). Instead of their rituary 'please wait xxx days more' (again), I actually got an explanation from this operator explaining 'why' (similarly this acc was taken and their searching for another account) and the maximum amount of days I MIGHT have to wait.

    A part of me is hoping that if their able to continue their business without being seriously sued by ALL their customers... >.>;; I just hope bad dont turn out to worst.
    One thing that keeps me a tad bit calmer is that they have an account with paypal (dunno how MANY tho...) and paypal itself is really secure. This time around paypal actually called me 5min later I made a payment to ga-sales cause I hadnt used this account in a LONG time and I guess their security got alerted. Same with fraud their pretty tight.

    Aside from the ga-sales customer service phone I suggest you keep note of the first 'confirmation' phone number that they call you with. Its certainly different from that one they posted on the webpage. If something happens I'll most likely give paypal both numbers and all the chat logs I've had.

  • Ll
      29th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Lll here again updating my previous post.
    I ordered an account on 8/21/08 and it is now 9/30/08.

    I did livechat on 8/21/08, 8/24/08, 8/25/08, 8/27/08, 8/29/08, 9/01/08, 9/25/08, 9/30/08. Some chats are 2 times in a day due to waiting for the acc pple to log on (which seems to be the truth cause they always state come a certain time after)
    By this time Im sure some pple would have asked for a refund, I think maybe after a few days I might just do that.

    But atm I am more curious if they will honor their part of the sale. My last livechat concluded with them telling me please wait another 7 days. Couple times they did give me the option of a refund or a wait in couple of days. The wait has been stretched to 1 month and 2 weeks at this point in time.

    All the while I have still kept chat logs saved and will be doing further investigation on my side on refunds or how to enforce chargebacks either through paypal or the card company if indeed I can put a fraud label on them at the time of my final decision.

    Note: Operator Mickey may not be the best of pple to talk to if you are frustrated with your orders. Alot of " :P " emotes are not what you want to see at a time like that. He also put me on hold for the longest which was 30min+. The chat auto-ends after 30min so had to log back in again.

    So far, as to service and understandment this is how I would rate the operators (at least the ones I talked to) Angela being the top because they seem to understand english and polite, and Mickey being the bottom line.

    Amanda>Cathy, Angela, Candy>Sum> Carp>Mickey

  • Be
      4th of Oct, 2008
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