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GRI Enterprises, operating on behalf of Budget Truck Rental has overcharged me $57.26 solely because the were busy running their "GRI" business and had no time to check the truck when I showed up.

I showed up in their office to make sure that everything was ok with the truck that I dropped off the previous evening, but a lady at the front desk told me that they are "busy loading a container" and are unable to help me (during Budget office hours of course).

As you can see from the attached copy of the credit card statement, I had refueled the truck (two underlined charges in black) before I turned it in, and they still charged me for not fueling the vehicle (underlined charges in red).

Also, my truck was returned on the 9th of August, their charged me on the 13th...

So I called them when I saw the charges, only to talk to an extremely rude individual who pretty much said "tough, there is nothing you can do", you were charged for a refueling charge ($25), fuel cost ($17 and change) and for an evening drop off ($10). They did not provide proof of transactions or receipts (while I do have proof that I have refueled the truck).

I am not sure why Budget Truck Rental is giving itself a bad name by associating with businesses such as this one, when GRI does not handle the Budget side of the business while they are busy running the other, apparently primary business.

G R I Enterprises Inc - Budget Truck Rental

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      Sep 06, 2009

    I can't comment on the fuel level of the truck upon its return, but unless the fuel indicator was ON or PAST the full mark, you simply left yourself OPEN for those top off charges. Regardless of the amount of fuel you put in the truck - unless the fuel indicator is as described above, they WILL top them off and charge the customer. Your best defense against this would have been to ensure they couldn't get any more fuel in the tank by doing it yourself.

    The evening drop off fee is being pushed from the highest level (corporate) down to the dealers. Essentially, they aren't making enough money due to the decline in the overall nuber of rentals, so they've figured out another way to make more money from those still renting during the recession. Strongly suggest you contact their customer service and voice your opinion on the after hours drop off fee. Maybe if enough people complain, they'll stop doing it.

    Would not recommend a complaint about fuel, however as you will probably only get more frustrated.

    ----Ive been in the truck rental arena for a long time ...

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