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G E appliances / Rebate Scam

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GE Rebate Scam Even though all the information was submitted with a legible copy of the receipt they say it is invalid because they couldn't read a very legible copy. Even though my e-mail and home address were provided no contact was made by GE. GE Profile rebate was advertized as $500 which suddenly became $300. After a long phone call I got to a customer service rep who told me I would get a check in 12 weeks. This is after 15 telephone prompts and a long message telling me to resubmit the rebate to a Florida address. EXTREMELY poor customer service! Is this against the law?

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  • Li
      24th of Aug, 2011
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    Bought a Ge Profile refrigerator & a Ge Profile stove on line with a promise of rebates. Sent all info required, and got rejected. Sent it again and got no response. It's all just a scam. Don't fall for it.

  • Ni
      9th of Jun, 2015
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    I bought 4 GE Profile appliances and my rebate request was rejected because they said that Home Depot is not a participating retailer. During an online chat, "Jasmine" pasted the text of what she claimed was on the rebate form. It was not. I will now go up the ladder of the GE org chart and see where it gets me. They don't know how persistent I can be!

  • Br
      31st of Oct, 2016
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    I purchased 4 GE profile appliances and also got scammed out of my $500 rebate. First they said the invoice was not correct so we had the dealer update the invoice then they told us it was too late, They never sent me an e-mail stating it was incorrect and when I went on -line it was still pending with no information, I am sure they do not honor any rebates and just scam everyone stating their invoice is not correct. So if your going to buy GE don't think you will ever get a rebate

    Don L.

  • Ca
      9th of Jan, 2017
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    I sent a rebate form in to GE and they sent me an email indicating that they were processing my rebate.
    Additionally, they keep sending me an email asking that I review the produce which was a Microwave/oven combination. I did review that product with favorable comments. Just a few weeks later I get this email saying that my rebate was denied.
    They are basically cheating customers out of the rebate. It's a scam !
    Guess what you can't go back and update your review. So I can't go back and say good appliance, however don't expect to get your rebate.

  • Up
      10th of Apr, 2017
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    SCAM on this "rebate"... I bought four appliances and was denied the rebate as well. GE is very disreputable, in my opinion. They are horrible to deal with. Just "denied denied denied", over and over in emails. They never intended to give this rebate, in my opinion. Wasted my time. Horrible business!

  • De
      7th of Feb, 2018
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    Its been 6 weeks and so I checked on my GE rebate today and it shows declined. This is ridiculous as I completed every answer that was needed for submission within the timeframe alloted and now they are trying to skate by without paying up. The rebate was a big reason why I went with GE over other brand. What can be done about it at this point?

  • Ju
      19th of Feb, 2018
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    I'm having the same problem with GE. I bought 4 qualifying appliances in Dec. 2017. I have been waiting 3 months. I've sent every possible form of documentation they ask for, and still every time I check the website, it says my claim "needs attention". When I call they always say they're putting it through, but that never happens. I'm starting to wonder if I need a lawyer. This is no way to do business. I will be contacting the BBB.

  • Sa
      5th of Mar, 2018
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    I called today and threatened class action lawsuit! They are waiting for customers to forget their rebates so as to save money. They use every delay tactic possible! I’m ready to start a class action...:anyone want to join?!?!

  • Sa
      5th of Mar, 2018
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    Same scam! Check this out - I sent the following along with photos of the stickers showing model and serial number - still declined. Anyone ready for a class action suit?
    I do not understand why my rebate UKMSNGKZGK keeps popping up as “information needed” for the dishwasher and refrigerator as follows:
    Model: GDT695SSJSS
    Issue: The serial number provided is invalid
    Model: GYE22HSKSS
    Issue: The serial number provided is invalid

    I have updated the page at your website twice with the correct numbers for the following:



    I also added photos of the stickers on both items that have both the Model and Serial Numbers. See attached. I don’t understand how the serial numbers can be invalid, as they are printed on the stickers on the boxes in which the items were shipped. Please inform me the problem, and provide a phone number where I can talk to someone to resolve this issue.

  • Ch
      18th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    Same here folks. Sad to say I am a GE employee and cannot receive a valid reason why my claim is on hold for "information needed" even tho all the serial numbers have been submitted and multiple phone calls to customer service. This is a joke. Just another Jeff Immelt scam. My rebate is going towards his golden parachute. Thanks for not only ruining my retirement but also cheating me out of a lousy appliance rebate. Keep up the great work Jeff and I hope you are enjoying your retirement. Good riddance

  • Fr
      26th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    I ran into a rebate problem with GE as well. I was supposed to get a rebate for a service call on my old microwave, if I bought a new microwave. Which I did the next day. I sent in the required receipt and service list report as requested. I didnt hear anything for months and when i called and emailed several times I couldn't get through to anyone. When I finally did they gave me a phone number 1-800-871-8893...which was A series of Ad's -I couldn't ever get past the "free" offers. After searching the internet I finally found a page that gave me my status as being declined because the GE technician had not filled in the serial number. No one had contacted me at all- There was a number to call -which I did. Total waste of time. I was told repeatedly that because it didn't have the serial number and now that rebate offer had expired I was not eligible. No wonder this company is in the tank. Very frustrating experience. I will NEVER buy another GE appliance ( assuming they even make them anymore)

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