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FWM Laboratories, Inc. / AciaBerry Detox

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Contact the Florida Attorney General's Office in Florida & file a complaint on-line. FWM Laboratories, Inc. (AcaiBerry Detox) is located at 2040 NE 163rd St #305 North Miami Beach, Fl 33162. Their phone number is [protected]. Speaking with FWM Labratories directly, will still get you know where. BUT...if enough people make a complaint to the Attorney General's Office, they will investigate & hopefully spare others the same problems that we are all having.

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  • Rj
      24th of Jan, 2009
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    I read your comments, but the address that I was given is different from the one you have.

    I was told by Dave that the address was:
    FWM Laboratories, 3007 Greene Street, Hollywood,
    Fl. 33020. There phone # 866-949-0138 for these crooks.

    They did me the same way, but I never received any of thier products, but charged my card anyway. I have called them five times and each one promised to remove the unauthorized charges from my card. I leave in Indiana. Florida Attn General had better do something about these crooks.

  • Sa
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    for those who purchase this product, think twice before you do. they are crooks! I am going to contact the Florida County General, thanks for that info. This is unfair to cheat us when we trust them with our money. I received the product, returned it unopened and I have never received the refund in 4 months now. Pathetic! Frustrating!

    the address that was given to me was:

    fwm laboratories inc
    3007 greene street
    hollywood, fl 33020

    woman i spoke to: blaire lima

  • Iv
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    I believed acai berry detox FWM labortories inc, was a repitable company but they are a total SCAM."BEWARE"
    They were suppose to charge and send me a 14 day trial sample for $3.95.
    That never arrived in my mail box.
    It's been five weeks since I first inquired about the trial sample. I never recieved the trial or the orginal package. Don't trust them. The FWM labortories reintered my account and withdrew $87.13 without my permission.
    They comprised my credit card therefore, I contacted the credit card bank to take care of this unauthorized withdrawl. In addition to that I have spoken four times to this acai bery labortory to cancel my order and explain that I never received either order. I got no where they kept my money and I was left empty handed. I spoke with four separate women. I wish I would have viewed, cnn, do. oz and cbs news...they warned that there were companies that were scams.

  • Iv
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    fwm labortory acai berry is a scam. cnn, doc. oz & cbs news warned agaginst these fake companies that promise, you products but never deliver. don't order anything from, 3007 greene st in hollywood, fl 33020. they'll take your money and will not deliver anything, except a compromizing debt on your account.
    i'll have to go to a supplement store and spend more money. people are mean and crooks.
    i spoke to joann

  • Co
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I too ordered a free trial of Acai Detox and was charged $80.13 on my credit card. I researched the website (or tried) I could not access the small print. They blocked my access. Total fraud. I am worried about what maybe in the supposed Acai Berry Detox?

  • Ch
      25th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    You are so right these people are complete crooks and should be put out of business, they always fall back on " well sir you did you read the terms of service" most likely not or I would not have ordered the stuff. I just talked to customer service after sending back the unopened package and having it tracked by usps to know when exactly they reveived it back Jessica assured me than in 5 to seven days my credit card would be credited. We will see.

  • Pc
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    I've been the same route but with resveratrol. I may be lucky as I caught the charge before 15 days from the shipping date and was finally able to convience the customer service department (in India I think) to issue me an MRA # and give me the address to which the product is to be returned. Their policy says they will not issue a refund with out the MRA and the product doesn't go back to the Greene St. address but to an address in Carson City NV. As I just mailed it certified return receipt today, I don't know if I'll get my refund. I also emailed Oprah as they use her name and that of Dr. Oz. Harpo industries is pursuing these people as is the state of Floria. I've filled a claim with Oregon. If they have your credit card number, cancel the card to be sure they can't sell it or used it anymore. This is a huge scam with about 6 different products and company names.

  • Ro
      7th of Jun, 2009
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    FWM Laboratories, Inc. - ACAIBERRY
    New Hampshire
    United States

    I also learned a very expensive lesson. However, at least the Bromaline group gave me a courtesy refund. Acaiberry company said they didn't do courtesy refunds. They expected the trial to start when you ordered, not when you actually started it. So a week or less and your supposed to know if it worked or not .. hmmmm .. well they can tell their labs IT DOESN'T WORK, THEY RIPPED OFF ALL OF US ON THIS WEB SITE. I sure hope that these complaints go further and those responsible become liable to pay everyone back. Especially since the ad lead everyone to believe that if you ordered the bromaline and acaiberries together it worked better. Yeah right...

  • Ra
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Hi, Here I am - one UNHAPPY client that those crooks got. I tryed to stop them charging my card and after talking to the woman, they did it anyway (three charges-$83, $2 and finally $1.95) .
    Well, as you can imagine I have been trying to contact them since then. I spoke to Mary Daniels and a woman named Nathalie (supervisors which don't even have extensions), who assured me that my account was closed and gave me a confirmation # which was't easy to get. I have been calling for my money ever since and I have been on a hold for too long. Yesterday I got through to a man and asked him to connect me with one of these women, he hung up on me. I doubt they will answer my calls again ever again.
    The only good thing that came out if it was that my bank put a 6 months block against them trying to charge again and was nice enough to assure me that if I don't get my money back, they will start an investigation. I hope these are good news and may help some of you anyway

  • He
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    Never give up on your refund. You may want to call fwm at 866-949-0138. That's the lesson learned here: be a wise consumer next time. Don't easily be fooled with sweet words and attractive promos.

  • Ac
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    FWM Laboratories, Inc. - Acai Berry scan
    FWM Laboratories, Inc.
    4961 Leeward Lane
    Fort Lauderdale
    United States
    Phone: unknown

    Supposed to get free 15-day trial of acai berry supplements, via internet. In extremely small print at the bottom of the webpage it tells you to cancel within 30 days, you will receive and be charged monthly for a 30-day supply. The cost is $83.13 per month plus shipping, etc. There is no information contained on the webpage about how to contact to cancel. The credit card information solicited by the corporation was said to be only for a $5.95 charge to ship the 15-day trial. The fine print said you woudl be charged to that credit card. This appears to be fraud in the inducement to enter into a contract and as probably hundreds of people have been as dumb as I have been, I hope my state's Attorney General will go after these [censored]ers, as happened in Arizona.

  • Aw
      12th of Jul, 2009
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    Upon receiving the product, it come with an order slip which contains the call if you'll discontinue the use of the pills. In my case, I got 866-949-0138. I canceled my account with fwm after a month. Unlike other consumers, my experience was quick and easy.

  • Ga
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I too got hit by the Acai Berry Detox free trial offer.

    I told the FWMLabs representative when I ordered the free trial of Acai Berry Detox that I did not want any additional shipments. They billed my credit card 7/23/09 and 8/10/09 for additional product. Yesterday I got another 60 capsule bottle that I did not want. It is the only one I’ve received since the free trial bottle. I will return it registered mail to FWMLabs, 3007 Greene Street, Hollywood, Florida 33020.

    How can I get them to credit my credit card and charge no additional charges to my credit card.

    Confirm receipt of this email and corrective action suggested.

    Gary S. Brubaker

    480 Big Hollow Road

    State College, PA 16801

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