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FWM Acci Berry / Fraud and VERY Frustrating

1 Seattle, WA, United States Review updated:

This company is a fraud. I spent $184 and never received a product nor have I been able to contact the company.

When I spoke to them I found they were a couple of guys answering the phones. When I asked for id numbers they each game me a made up random number all containing different amounts of digits.

While I was trying to explain my situation to the representative I could tell he was placing me on mute and unlacing me while they laugh. Once I realized they were not helping and just messing around I asked for a manager. Their answer to every question of mine was, “I’m sorry but we are not able to answer those questions for you”.

Do not buy anything from these people. They are out to ruin people’s accounts and cost them time and money. I am still working with my bank to get a refund, I happen to work for a bank myself so I understand how difficult it is to get money back. Don’t waste your time on this diet product!

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  • Co
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    Ok here is my story, in December I ordered the free trial of the Acaiberry product and only paid the $5.95 shipping and handling, that was all I was asked to pay (because well, it's a free trial product, duh). I got my bank statement for January and they had charged $87.13 to my account without my knowledge because supposedly I signed up for a membership when I ordered the free trial product, that makes no sense to me, the purpose of the free trial product was to test out the product and see if I liked it, that makes sense, right?

    So anyway, I called the Acaiberry company/FWM laboratories (866-949-0138) to tell them I did not not want to receive the product any more, so they canceled my membership which I was unaware of having, and did not agree to sign up for and told me they would refund me for the that charge of $87.13, I also sent back the free bottle I received and never received any product from them again. It is now the middle of February and I still haven't received my money back for that product they charged me for that I did not receive.

    When they charged me the $87.13 it caused my bank account to go negative because I was unaware that they would be charging me monthly and I was not prepared for it and if I had known they were going to do that I would have never even tried the free trial.

    I also ordered the free trial of the herbal pills that came with it from another company all I paid was the $3.95 shipping and handling that was asked, they granted me my refund of $99.86 that was charged to my bank account the same way Acaiberry charged me, but how come the Acaiberry company won't refund my money? I have called the FMW laboratories several times and they said the refund was given back to me on the 29th of January and that it is my bank that is holding on to the refund, it is now February 11th and my bank has NEVER taken this long to process a refund. I also asked the FWM laboratories the last time I called about this (which was less than an hour ago) if they could send me a hard copy letter stating that they have processed my refund on their part but this is what I was told by the FMW/Acaiberry representative named Alex "It is not in my interest to so, I can not do that for you, but I assure your refunded has been processed on our part."

    So, from what I am hearing, I'm getting a told a big fat lie by this company and I'm really pissed. If they issued the refund then they should have no problem sending me a letter stating they did so, and proving to me that they did give me my refund.

    If anyone else is having this problem or any trouble related this this company

    please email me at:

    I am pretty positive that I am not the only person who is going through this with this company.

    I would really like to talk and I need to find out how to go about this situation, because I'm about ready to file a lawsuit on this company. Also, I can never find anyone in that company that speaks good English, it's very frustrating, no offense to people with poor English language, but as far as this company goes, it seems like they do it on purpose so they can turn my words around on me. They are keeping my money illegally, and I want my money back now, they don't deserve to keep my money and I'm am NOT going to pay for anything I didn't receive.

    Is it really only 2 guys who answer the phones? No wonder I'm always put on hold FOREVER.

  • Ju
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    yes i fell for it also, got 60 capsule told to take 2 a day. havent seen any thing going on; Havent lost any weight Jut found out they took $64, 00 plus another 24, 00 plus change out of my account Went to my CU and got a new C.Card, so at least they cant get into my account any more. But I finally got a hold of some man, said I was supposed to send the pills back before 15 days if I wanted out of the system. I told him i didnot understand that. but not to worry he would get anymore money out of me. I hung up on them It did take almost al day to get ahold of someone. But no more pills.

  • Ks
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    Do NOT but this product. For one it's not free, they charge you for another bottle at full price even tho you did not order it and most of all it does not work, i did not loose one single pound.. and trying to get a hold of someone to cancel your order or membership, (as they call it) is impossible!!! all the above comments are true!!! STAY AWAY from this fraud.

  • Ma
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    I saw the acci berry and the cleanse product free trial and signed up. After supposedly only paying for shipping I had several months of random charges from My Fitness and another company in California. When I called I was told that by accepting the free trail I was automatically signed up to receive "weight loss consultation" which I never received for 2 different charges a month on for $2.97 and the other for $39.95. Don't sign up for any of these products they will rip you off and you won't notice until it is too late!!!

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