FUZION / new tire gone flat within 3 months

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My tire went flat after buying new on December 1sr. I barely drove it due to illness, and on the first Saturday of March, I was driving on a very clean, well-maintained road with no traffic in front of me and it went flat on the outside of the tire, like a crack. The tire manufacture date was the 41st week of 2010, so they are not old. I was told this could only be caused by my hitting a curb or guardrail or running over a rock. Since the tread was new, running over a rock with tires that should have enough air pressure should not have caused the air to split out the outside of the car. I was told the tires were maybe improperly stores or had low air pressure which being new should not have been low anyway. When I went back to B & B Tire, they wanted to charge me for a new one and told me I had NO warranty and that is was on my receipt. There is no indication of there being a warranty or not on my receipt. This tire should not have gone flat so fast for no reason. With the new tread, it would have had to be a pretty big rock I hit and I would have felt it and I did not. Bridgestone are also being jerks about it, too. When I returned to B & B Tire, they had no more of those tires in stock which makes me wonder why not? The only reason a new tire should go flat on the outside of the front passenger side does not fit into anything I did as a driver. I think this is poor customer service and they are trying to get out of selling me a bad tire or admitting they installed or stored it improperly. I have owned this care for 10 years and had not problems with my Toyo Tires or Rikken tires for 4 years each!

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