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Futureshop / LG / Plasma TV

1 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

We purchased a 42 " plasma (LG) 2 weeks ago (April 17th) a few days ago (May 3rd )my husband noticed the screen was cracked. Now we had turned on the TV before we bought it and hadn't noticed it was cracked. (Not that we knew what to look for, we were too busy being impressed by the picture quality.) After we viewed the TV out of the box, the sales person who took the TV out of the box asked if he could bubble wrap it instead, and he said it would be safer. Now what if it was bumped while it sitting on the floor (it sat in the isle wrapped while we went up to the Front to pay) or while it was being put on the cart and wheeled out and loaded into our truck. I mean its cracked, apparently by me, yet in two weeks I can't think of anything ever so slight that would have caused this and certainly not anything even close to how future shop treated it while showing it to us. Shouldn’t they have warned me that the screen was so sensitive? I mean if that is how easily it cracks I would not have purchased it in the first place. Not only that but if the screen is so vulnerable why didn't he put it back in the box? And why didn't future shop tell me it was so easily damaged. (I certainly never would have guessed after watching one of futureshops ‘own personal handling the unit) Instead, I heard it from the service department for LG. (He said they tested one by lying one on its back and dropping something small on it, and the result was a crack just like mine had!) I’ve read the owner’s manual. It says “Do not allow a impact shock or any objects to fall into the product, and do not drop onto the screen with something.” But doesn’t it seem possible that where was a small crack that was unnoticeable at the store and then it spread after?( After we set it up at home we did noticed a shadow in that area the first time we watched it however we thought it was burn in. The shadow remained and my husband went away for a week so the TV was not watched again until he returned home and watched it on May 3rd) The crack started out small when we first noticed it but now every time the TV gets shifted even a little, or turned on the crack spreads. And I wonder how would we know if the T.V had been previously purchased and then returned and that’s why the box was opened and on sale? Or damaged while it was set up for us to view it and then wrapped for us to purchase. Could there have been damage that remained unnoticeable and then it spread after I owned it? I mean is that possible? Yet futureshop in Thunder Bay (where we purchased it) has refused to exchange it. LG will not repair or replace it (and I can’t blame them. I believe the T.V was damaged at futureshop and that’s why I was given cost on an open box deal.) My husband has e-mailed and spoken to a few various other futureshop representatives who are looking into options…..(not holding my breath at this point if they were going to do the right thing - exchange it, or better yet REFUND OUR MONEY, they would have done so already.) However its 2 weeks old and I didn't cause this damage. . yet I am told it wasn’t damaged when we inspected it And therefore we must have caused it. .. I KNOW for a fact that we did nothing to damage the screen and nothing hit the screen to crack it.
I am so disappointed with this whole process. Not to mention if this TV is so easily damaged that I could cause this and not know it, then it’s a product that shouldn’t even be sold!!!
I am looking for advice and also thoughts from someone with knowledge about plasma TV’s

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      10th of May, 2008
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    When he bubble wrapped it he would have inspected it for cracks and possibly taken a picture of the unit. This is standard practice for futureshop and other companies now. This was done many times that I saw tv's brought up to the cash for receipt checking. They do this because when you transport your tv to your home it can get 'twsited' as you lift it or move it. That causes micro cracks or fissures in the display that become more apparent once turned on or used for a length of time due to heat generated. It IS most likely that the machine got damaged when you brought it home. Large tv's. 32" and up are prone to breaks when not transported properly. That's why most retailers offer a delivery service or home installation that is insured. Sure it's expensive but you're now out a whole lot of cash. I feel for you, I really do. That's a lot of money to lose like that.

    They would never sell a damaged unit. They would lose business in a heartbeat. Also.. the salesman makes a good chunk of change off some tvs and would not risk losing your repeat business. Repeat business is very important to a salesman. It's what puts food in his/her kid's mouths and a roof over their heads. WHen you have salesman making more than government workers there is a sense of pride in customer satisfaction and service. In all honesty. I think you are out of luck and learned a hard lesson. Don't install, move or transport these things yourself. Hire proper servicemen to do the job.

    Now, my suggestion is have your tv transported to an authorized LG repair center in thunder bay. Call LG and inquire about where to find one in your city. It may just be the contrast filter that cracked. if it was the screen itself there would be pools of color all over. LG puts a dark tinted plastic coating over the top of the screen to protect your eyes from gamma radiation produced by the electro-luminescent reaction withint he display and to darken the screen to give better contrast. That piece is NOT glued to the display and may not cost you much at all to have replaced. In the future, feel confident that everything during shipping, handling and sales of such sensitive equipment is done with the utmost care by all the retailers. its a lot of money to lose and a lot of future sales form you to lose if they don't take utmost care in the process. If the retailer has an in-home installation service available.. take it!!! I took my chances in transporting one myself. and although I only slightly damaged it.. the screen moved slightly but its very hard to notice. Only by a milimeter. I was lucky.

    I know futureshop offers a delivery and setup service. It's all over their flyers and website and signs up everywhere in store. I'm sure the salesman would have offered you the service along with his warranty pitch. It pays to lsiten to what the salesman has to say and it pays to ask lots of questions as sometimes the salesman neglects to offer services depending on the attitude of the customer, how busy the salesman are and sometimes they literally don't know how to approach the subject to "deal hunters".

    I feel terrible for you, I really do. I would cry if my tv was cracked.

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      10th of Jun, 2008
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    I went to Futureshop in Surrey to buy an LCD tv. The sales person hit one of the display model with his knuckle to show the durability of the screen. Also I know somebody who accidentally threw a Wii remote into his LCD screen and it did not cracked nor caused a pixel to "die". I don't really know what happened to your set. I'd still buy from Future but not with Vision, but tha't's another story.

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