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Futureshop / Bestbuy / Poor company, bad service, bad warranty (PSP)

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I have shopped at Futureshop (also known as and owned by the same operators as BESTBUY for those who do not know - SAME COMPANY) and they were rude, pushy, and dishonest when telling me about the products. I have recently found out that futureshop / bestbuy scams people into thinking they do not make 'commission' as they make money from the PSP (warranty) that they try to sell you (they call it a 'bonus' instead to cover it up with bestbuy. This is what seems to have happened when I was trying to get information on a TV and all they wanted to do was sell me additional stuff I didn't need. It made my whole experience crappy. I don't want to spam on this website so if you do a search for one of the names that "sux" on the internet I am confident you will find hits about the poor nature of this company.

Its also funny after looking at multiple locations in many of their stores, the company it looks as if they hire 'cheap' foreign labor which might account partially for their bad service and inability to communicate in additional to their ethical issues.

Please for the love of goodness do not shop at these 2 businesses.

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  • Sc
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    Ok so here it goes. Cheap foreign labor. Could that be any more racist of a statement. Second of all I know as a fact that normal employees at best buy and futureshop do not make commission, and third they offer you the products because you dont know what you need when you buy a tv. Yeah go ahead get a hi def tv and analog cables and return the tv in a week or so because it has poor quality or listen to the sales guy who is offering you the specifics because you dont know any better and he wants to make your experience better.

  • Ja
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    I bought a computer at the boxing day sale and within three months lost the hard drive. Then came the games, first there was the game of oh its not covered. The problem with that was those computers were brought in for that sale and they knew it at the service desk, ( the sales person i spoke to knew it ) then there was the ready in 3 to 5 days (working days) which turned into 25 days. In just the hassle of trying to get a straight answer except for well what do you want to do ( with a computer without a hard drive) take it or replace the hard drive for the nice sum of $200.00 your choice by a tech kid who looks like he should be in grade school and as ignorant as a snot nose kid. You decide if this is acceptable service for a large chain that come off as if they care. There employees sure don't when they got your money and you bought there product. Its thanks for the cash and now try to get satisfaction and customer service as if we are trying to steel your money and doing it. So could you please tell me if this is your normal policy or if it a kid having a bad week for that is how long it took me to get satisfaction the only good thing i have to say is that the young girl at customer service was a sweet heart and i am sorry i can't remember her name.

  • Ta
      15th of May, 2008
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    I have had the worst experiences with this company, my brother works for them and they are trying to use him as leverage so that i won't complain any further. I am just letting whoever is reading this know if my brother is terminated for any conversation I had with them I will be suing them so hard they'll wish they never met me.

  • Fo
      19th of May, 2008
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    I quit futureshop after almost 2 years.

    Let me clarify a few things for you.

    Futureshop employees do make commision.
    Best Buy employees do not.

    However, best buy employees make higher base pay wages and PSP is a rip off.

    PSP is a product service plan. It is basically a warantee, however many people purchase PSP and come back with a broken tv 3 months later and they then learn what happened to their tv is not covered under the PSP plan.

    People at the Best Buy company, strive to give customers PSP.
    They know its money in their pockets. As an employee i get 50% off PSP..and let me tell u many employees still do not get it.

    On top of this..manufacturers usually have a 1 year warranty. If you get PSP do not think you get compensated for that overlap of the first year.

    Also, the reason why they tried to sell u things that you say you don't need its because they make huge commision of those accessories. Cables, certain speakers, certain stands are all overpriced greatly. They sell $200 cables when studies show that the cables don't matter at all.

    They don't want u buying the cheap ones. They want u to buy the expensive ones. The problem is they do sometimes tell lies. Its business to get the most out of your customer, however some of their tactics are unethical.

    I have seen a bunch of home theatre sales guys at the back high five eachother and celebrate because they sold the whole package of a tv, plus PSP. They celebrate because they know that 1 sale has made the individual person huge commision and they know that PSP is extra money. They celebrate like little kids in a school yard that just bullied a kid for his lunch money.

    I have witnessed customers yell at managers because they bought the PSP and feel they have been taken advantage of when the manager tells them that their particular scenerio is not coveverd under the plan.

    Now there are some genuine people that work at these companies. But for the most part, some of these people especially in home theatre and computers do not give a ### about you.

    I was a merchandiser there and know how the system works. I know how they push people to buy accessories when most of the time it is unessesary. They sell $40 back up Cd's to you when you buy a computer and they use scare tactics like if your computer crashes and u spent $1 000 this $40 cd can save it. The truth is these back up cd's are nothing special. Ask any person that knows computers even a tiny bit and they will laugh when they see the kind of stuff on this cd.

    Now some people may be skeptical that as a former employee i maybe just bitter. Let me tell u something. I lost all respect for this company. So i stopped going to my shifts and started giving my shifts away. This summer i am running my own exterior cleaning company and i am happy.

    I got in ### before for helping a customer buy a printer. It was an older man who didn't know much about them. I spent 5 minutes with him telling him which one he should get and the general manger called me and told me to stop wasting my time with that customer because he is only looking at a printer.

    There are good people there which i do miss, but 90% of the people at this company will sell u things u don't need.. will try to sell u psp which is a scam and ontop of that if u return something they will try to ignore u and try to change ur decision.

    If u still want to go to futureshop to buy something because it is a cheap price im not telling u not to. What im saying is to make sure u know what ur buying and to not be fooled about things u don't need and plans that are scams.

    if you don't believe me... then your the customer they love.

  • Ch
      28th of May, 2008
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    Dear Former Employee:

    You are an idiot. Period. It's people like you that tarnish an honest salesman and drove me to stop trying to help people get what they need and pushed me back to self employment... efectively leaving a great job that I enjoyed greatly aside from the difficulty of dealing with my own team non-sales team members and "My Friend is Mr Technician Extraordinary who claims he can do everything for me but will send me a bill for parts" feeding inaccuracies to customers.

    For every plan, there are things not covered, damages done to the unit, failures due to improper use, etc. Not everything is covered, regular use failures and power surges are. You are covered for things during the first year. AS per computers the techs can facilitate shipping for the customer to the manufacturer, cover accessories beyond the standard 90 days and cover for power surges, no lemon and replacement guaranty.

    Of course accessories are overpriced. Accessories are smaller, less complicated and easier to produce. Retailers get them a lot cheaper and charge the standard going rate. That's retail. Everything goes through it's cycle. No decent salesman would push a piece of crap product just because of commission. It's pointless, it destroys customer loyalty and trust and the truth of the matter is.. the products that are paying the salesman higher year round are products that people NEED with their purchase. Cable, Case and etc. If they already have the parts for it. awesome.

    They high five each other because they are proud that they got the customer everything he/she needs and with a full custom package of products there is a minimal risk of returns because everything is custom tailored to the customers needs, sure the extra money they made gets them excited.. but lets say this.. they deserve it. Big time. It's hard work selling the proper products to a customer and getting over the whole "you just want to take my life savings from me" attitude that some customers have. Being a merchandiser you have no idea of any of this stuff aside from putting products on the shelves and seeing the odd customer complaint about services and "extras".

    The $40 backup cds... PS... does not exist.

    Futureshop doesn't sell backup cds. They sell setup packages that cds are included in for $99 basic, $149 with Antivirus and $299 with office/antivirus. If a customer wants certain software or is not comfortable setting up the system's operating system and preparing the backup disks themselves then they are happy to pay to have the 6 hours of labor done for them. These disks contain windows, drivers and programs that ship with the computer. Without those... there is NOTHING to restore the system to a usable state should the hard drive get wiped but as you say.. nothing special. Who needs a copy of windows and drivers anyways... right? Your friends who know about computers obviously don't know what restore cds are for. No computer purchased in a big box store comes with these... so.. joe blow gets a virus 6 months from now.. hard drive corrupted and needs to be wiped.. how does he get windows running again? Magic? Push a special "make kickass fixed now' button? Seriously, are you frikin stupid? Without these cds the computer is waiting to be a coaster/doorstop. Customers can easily make their own to factory spec (like the futureshop techs do) if they chose and are comfortable doing so.. but why bother? It's included in the software setup packages. Some people (75%) have absolutely no idea how to configure a computer let alone make restore cds...

    Now.. ask yourself something.. you say a lot of associates don't purchase warranty. Why is that? Why would they do that when they wait for something to go clearance. get it knocked down half price for a demot hat just needs cleaning out without any waranty anyways.. if it lasts 6 months, hurray! Buy a new one on clearance knocked down 50%... makes sense right? Now take average joe blow customer who wants to fork over 1200 dollars on a laptop or TV... I'm sorry but $300 to cover something that WILL break and cost the customer $100 to ship for repair during the first year + another two years coverage.. well.. makes perfect sense. Do you have any [censored]ing idea how expensive it is to repair a kinked display cable, surged/defect motherboard on a laptop? $600 average for the display repair, $450 for the mainboard.. those dinky power supplies on laptops, computers and TVs are not designed for long life.. they crap out easy, , welcome to the replace once a year club on dirty older power grids in older parts of town. So tell me... is it really a rip off? I got excited when I sold a warranty.. you're damn right! more money in my pocket but MOSTLY my customer who I am thankful for is COVERED and I am able to help him when something craps out on him that's not covered under manufacturer's warranty and after that warranty expires he is still covered with better service for the remainder of the PSP warranty for a longer more reasonable life of the product.

    I think you are bitter.. all you did here was throw unfounded slander out but I can understand because you made barely above minimum wage where your work was way under appreciated being "merch". However.. come up with some facts instead of feeding this garbage to the public who count on these companies to take care of them. You were told to leave the customer alone probably due to your displeasure to your job, inaccuracies to your presentation and the fact that it's up to sales personnel to sell printers, not you.

    So above all said here... how is PSP warranty a scam? It covers repairs, parts, labor, etc.. I'm seriously not following. Look at big companies like Dell.. almost every computer sold has a warranty attached to it.. why? Because customers need it, want it and are willing to pay for it. Is it a scam? Nope... even before I worked for BBCanada (futureshop) I always recommended people buy warranties because I got fed up with my idiot friends begging me to fix their ### for them and then whining like babies because I have to charge them an absurd amount of money for PARTS and hours of LABOR fixing the products for them.

    Is warranty, accessories and other things expensive.. HELL YES!!! Too expensive in contrast tot he cost of the original product.. and yes.. Monster Cables ARE Glorified and cost 10 times what they are worth.. but.. if you want a quality cable, quality accessories that wont mess up your jacks, ports and connectors on your tv, laptop computer etc.. pay the extra.. You'll either fork out now.. or fork out the repair bill for a busted jack from a cheap cable... im talking from personal experience here over many years of electronic purchases.

    Ok now look 10 years ago.. buy a tv.. all u need is... the tv.. the damn thing came with a cheap simple coax cable.. all you needed.. look at tvs today... not the same animal at all. there's digital audio, video, hi-def. etc. etc. More parts for it needed at purchase. Look at computers ten years ago. They were $2000-$5000. They came with printer, cables, speakers, software, long warranties, awesome service... look today.. $1000 gets you a computer with a year warranty. No printer, no cables no service worth writing home about and no software..

  • No
      9th of Aug, 2008
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    Deal lol

    I also have work at futureshop and feel the same as the other former employee, and I too state the same feelings yet don't hold a grudge against them, I enjoyed the work environment and most of the people, but simple just summing up everything you said futureshop and bestbuy employees are both thought that the psp is a wonderful thing for you and your customer, you learn this during your BRAVO sales course the first week. The thing is, from my years of experience and myself before and after working their with my products covered with their psp is complete disbelief. Almost 80 % you try to use it, it will not be covered, and not only that the sales always forget to mention things the fact that when they say "with this guarantee if your product doesn't work as well as it did the first day we will exchange it" this is their typical sales line that people buy into, yet 99.9 % of the time they forget to add the part that you'll need to get it fixed at least 3-5 times before they will actually exchange it and the wait time can take up to 30 days every time.

    I myself just think your some ignorant teenager.

  • To
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    Hello All,
    About a week 2 weeks ago i unfortunately, accidentally damaged my 47 inch TV by waving a shirt with a coin in the front pocket. The coin flew across the room and skipped across the TV screen leaving a small scratch on the screen. This damage was unnoticable until the TV turned on and revealed two small white pixels. My wife brushed it off and said it was fine but i couldn't deal with it.I called Best Buy knowing that i purchased the PSP plan for 4 years. They were able to get a tech to my house within a week. The tech noticed the damage, began to search for any evidence of the TV being dropped, (as he didn't find any) determined the LCD screen needed to be replaced. The part was in back order for about another week. Once all the parts arrived they sent a tech out and replaced the screen. The whole process took about two weeks and a half. I was so relieved and grateful that i would not have to live with those white pixels. Each tech and rep is different but this was my experience.

  • Ab
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    Hi I worked in Future shop as a sales associate in computers and I became there one fo best sales person . My psp, commisions %age was on top . In our training future trained us to sell psp psp psp(extended warranty ) . AS its always good for company . But good for customers some times . In the morning they tell us sell some certain products more s they have more margin which means store will make more profit . Tell you truth future and best buy do ripoff people in psp

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