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Future Shop / Careless Customer Service

1 11810 Sarcee Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3R 0A1Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I had purchased a Washer Drier in
early September 2014 at Future shop in Calgary North West (11810 Sarcee Trail NW, Calgary, AB T3R 0A1); when I had asked for
the full service of delivery and installation; the salesman advised to purchase the Duct set for the drier; in case needed by the technician for the installation and even he advised if not used you can return. So I asked him how about the water hose he said it comes with the Machine and he verified with one of the colleagues and confirmed that I do not need anything more than Drier
Duct Set and Stacking Unit which I had asked for. I trusted him since I had
received the hose with my previous washer as well.

At the time of installation the technician let me know that unfortunately the Hose is not there and usually it
does not come with this models. And that time he has already taken the washer to laundry room (in the second floor) and it is semi installed and based on his recommendation since the dryer need to be stacked on top; it is better to leave the dryer in garage till I get the washer hose from store.
I went back to my work and then Friday night (Oct. 10, 2014) I found the time to drive to future shop store. It was about 8:30 pm when I was looking for the salesman who was not working at that time and I went to customer service to explain what happened; the first answer from 2 gentlemen who seemed to be senior staff was; “we are not going to give you this hose free of charge”. The answer comes pretty straight with a pre-judgement; since I had never asked them for a free hose and more I was looking for an apology for troubles
they had made and the time they had taken from my working hours which still I had to allocate more time when I get the hose back to house and I need to set up another installation schedule to get the job done. And also I could not use my garage within last couple of days which will be the same situation till I get the washer and drier installed in a future time.

However the words sorry or any kind of apology was never heard at that night; and when I saw the customer service person is bending and leaning on his desk like he is talking to his buddy in a bar in spite of what you expect to see at a customer service desk and he is saying that I cannot give it to you free since it will go out of our pocket; then I let him know that I had already paid more than the price of their $20 merchandise. I had already allocated some of my working time and asked someone to stay at home and again I have to do that another time for the second schedule.

The further response was that everyone knows that Frigidaire washer never comes with hoses; then I notified them again about the responsibility of their sales person who in response to my question had mentioned to me that hose comes with washer. The further response from 2 professionals was we do not know who told you that and we will talk to our salesman tomorrow about this. At that point I could not believe that 2 mature men in senior level cannot understand that when a client pays $1, 100 for a merchandise to be installed, of course he/she will pay the extra $20 to have the machine running if he/she is advised by salesman as I did to get the duct for Drier according to his suggestion. But I could believe they were missing the courage and professional skill to accept their mistake and pay for it and they were just ignoring their conscious. So with no more discussion I accepted the 25% discount and paid about $15 to get the hose ready for the second service call and hopefully have the machine running soon.

It is sad to see this kind of discussing careless customer service, so I decided to allocate more time to book my complaint since I had another careless customer support experience with Future Shop in Montreal and I felt to be responsible to let others know about my experience in the hope that relevant authorities will remind the store about consumers right.

Oct 11, 2014

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