Future Medical & David Orgaz / Deliberate Theft of $215,000.00

1 Austin TX, United States

In September 2011 I wired $215, 000 to David Orgaz, with Future Medical in Spain, for a package of Cosmetic devices, 10 lasers & 20 Velasmooths in total. I worked with David before & trusted him. In December 2011 I received ONE CRATE, with a few broken parts & discovered I had been ripped off. David stole $215, 000 including $7, 500, for freight, to ship one crate of unidentifiable broken parts. I offered devices to customers & dealers to work together to pay for the purchase. By the time I replaced or refunded sales, including lost profit to dealers, the theft has cost over $350, 000. Money I had to earn or somehow borrow to replace devices or refund purchases & cover related damages. I have stumbled for 2 years & will never recover as the domino affect was severe. This deliberate theft broke my back. It has been a 2 year struggle & ongoing collateral damage. I lost my investment in a start up laser company I funded for over a year. I lost my home, business relationships, & my interest in a company I was expecting to be my future. I was so overwhelmed with customers freaking out, I could not address the theft. I spent $12, 500 on attorneys in Spain, but it was futile, I either spent money on attorneys or paid for devices & refunds. I decided to take care of the customers affected by the theft. I later discovered David Orgaz sold the same equipment to another dealer in Utah, same Serial Numbers, etc. & had already delivered before offering to me. David knew I was reserved & non threatening, so he thought he could set me up & get away with it. David Orgaz knew I would have a hornets nest on my hands & since I sold the devices I would be the one accused. I did not handle every situation as well as I could have, the pressure was intense, but I honored every sale or refund, including damages & lost profit. It is easy to judge someone when you have not walked in their shoes. What happened to me would break the back of any small business. There was no option but to struggle through & it destroyed my life. I made the decision to trust David Orgaz, & I own it, but it did not give him the right to cause deliberate harm. To this day David Orgaz has not returned a call or e mail, he changed his number & e mail purposely to avoid me. I was threatened, with insinuations David was a "Black Operative" for the Government & my family would be in danger if I pursued the theft. I have documentation, wire receipts, invoices from Future Medical, signed purchase agreements, & serial numbers for every device. I also have proof each device was sold prior to being offered to me. This was a deliberate set up & theft. David Orgaz organized documentation & sent detailed info on each device, knowing he never intended to deliver. He had already sold every item to another dealer. David Orgaz stole a lot more than money, he stole the life I was building, in a new City, & every day since has been a struggle. There is nothing I can do & even if I could it would not cover losses to date. I chose to be honorable, after being ripped off for over $200, 000, & I have been the one blamed, accused & attacked. There is nothing I can do except break my silence, as I cannot afford to pursue David Orgaz legally, he ensured that would not be possible. The chain reaction of damage from one mans greed continues to this day. Justin Williams, TX

Dec 16, 2014

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