Future Investmentintraday support

I registered with, They took 80k from me and promise premium service for intraday trading.
But they kept asking to add more money and told that my money will be lapsed.
Beware of this fraud company.
I am in huge pain.
They ask me to add 6k as registration amount.
After that they told that for premium service I have to add 35k and they will provide 2 calls in which I can recover that amount. So I did that too.
But instead of giving intraday calls, they ask me to add 48300 for profiling service.
I was knew then that it's a scam.
Neha told me that it's not scam and I can make 75k with the 12:50 trade. I transferred the amount, but then they told me that I delayed the amount and I have to pay 48k again for 2:00pm trade.
They told me that my amount will be lapsed.
Don't know what to do now.

Nov 27, 2018

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