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I purchased a vehicle on 6/1/2009. We had $2000 down as well as a trade in that we owed $11k on. Although we were upside down on our vehicle, we were told that with the money down and rebates we would be able to purchase a 2009 Ford Fusion.
On June 11, Dennis Gingrich called us and asked that we come down to the dealership as they had some additional paperwork we needed to sign. Nothing more was said. My husband and I couldn't make it down at that time so we scheduled the appointment for Friday 6/12/09. My husband made it to the dealership before me and was told that the bank did not approve us at the rate they originally thought and that our payment would have to be raised $100 per month. He called to tell me so I immediately went down there. I asked Dave Mercer to show me exactly where it stated that they had the right to do this to us and he showed me the "Seller's right to cancel" part of the contract. Under this section, it clearly states they have 10 days to notify us. This was now the 11th day. I left the dealership to consult with a legal team that I knew. They told me that the dealership does have 10 days and my next move should be to ask the dealership to send me a letter stating why they are able to cancel after the 10th day. Dave Mercer argued that although they were verbally telling us this on 6/12, they actually sent out a letter that was postmarked on 6/11 which would cover them. We received the letter on 6/13. The letter was handwritten and dated on 6/11 but postmarked on 6/12. We contacted the dealership on 6/14 to let them know the postmark date and they again argued that we were incorrect and that we needed to bring the car back.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Roseville, CADave Mercer then changed the story and said we lied on our contract and said we owed $6k on our Honda Odessy so therfore the contract was broken. This is so untrue and highly unprofessional on his part. We made it crystal clear from day one that if they could not take our van when we owed $11k, then we would not be making a vehicle purchase and would leave. I contact the dealership and wanted to speak to Steve Pleau the president but instead spoke to a secretary. I explained my situation and she transferred me to the lady that handles customer complaints. She said she would take my information and contact another team to see what needs to be done. I received a voicemail message from Don Rybold on 6/17 and called him back. I didn't get through so I left him a message. We were finally able to speak on 6/18 and he informed me that Dennis Gingrich wrote in their notes that they contact us on 6/10 and let us know that we needed to bring the car back or sign a new contract. This is ANOTHER lie. We did not receive ANY phone calls from ANY PERSON from the Ford dealership on 6/10. The first phone call we received was on 6/11 and we were told just to come in. Nothing more after that. I asked Don to send me a letter stating why they have the right to cancel after 10 days and he refused my request and demanded that I bring the car in later that evening. I then asked that I speak to the President or General Manager to file a complaint with them. If they stand by their horrible sales teams decision and request the car back AND they prove to me that they have the legal right to take the car back when they notified us after 10 days, then I will return the car. I left a message on the Bill Walsh's, General Managers, voicemail on 6/18/09.

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      Jul 22, 2009

    All car dealerships are desperate these days and anyone stepping foot in one is going to be targeted for a sale in any way that the dealership can make it happen. Anyone who needs to buy a car should be prepared for the worst, just as this unfortunate couple was sadly subjected to.

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      Aug 23, 2009

    I am having the same problem with Future Ford. They called me on the 20th of Aug. saying that it was urgent that I call. They said that if I didn't return the car that they would rep it and charge it agains my down payment of $3, 000. I told them to have my check readyon Monday the 24th so I don't have to stay at that snake pit any longer than I have eo. i may have a case. I got a letter, that wasn't deliverable on Aug. 20th. I bought the car on July 29th. They ahve to ask for the car back before 10 days and I called them back on the 10th. I went bursurk. I, to, talked to Mr. Rybold. He threatened me and after I told him that his organzation would sell a car to a dead person if they could. He took offense. I am a teacher and I started teaching last Thursday. This car is my only means of transportation to work. I did not have a tradein. My car was in an accident that totaled it. Mr. Rybold said that he could probably get me into another car with a different loan company. I think they are scamming people. Did you have a lawyer? I have called some in my area.

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