Future Fitness Fitnessinitiation fees

When I joined the gym I was told I would never have to pay initiation fees again. In Sept. 2006 I tore my miniscus in both knees
In earyl 2007 stoped paying my dues after a 2 month notice as required. Now I tried to renew my membership they wanted $599 payment for 13months then $32 per month, They said I had to pay another initiation fee. Then they offered a short term 3 month membership for $160 and told me if I joined it would be deducted from the fee. That membership ran out in December.
I tried to renew again they told me that doesn't apply now because I didn't sign up before the membership expired. So I told him I have to think about it. They then told me don't come back because the price went up aniother $300

What a way to do business.

Jan 15, 2015

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