SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Awful company

First of all the store manager laughed at me when I told him I was disabled and had back problems and the sofa was hurting my back. He laughed uncontrollably. I bought a couch and loveseat 8 months ago. The couch has collapsed. The anti sag springs are beyond sagging. I was told by the service technician Trent to call the store and discuss it with the store manager. I just did that and the result leaves me FURIOUS. The store manager laughed and said 'We never replace furniture' How dare anyone laugh at a customer for bringing shotty quality to their attention. I do not want a response telling me I was unable to be reached or did not give Roomstore a chance. I have been trying to rectify this since the day the problem was noticed. I have waited and waited and nothing has happened. I will now have to buy a new couch of course from another store to keep from causing anymore further damage to my back. I told PAt at the service center (800#) i was disabled and this was causing me physical pain. Pat laughed at me and said 'YOU do not sound too disabled to me' Enough is enough. Buy your furniture somewhere else. Save yourself hassle heartache and A LOT OF MONEY and just make a simple decision right now to go somewhere else. Roomstore furniture is junk but beyond that, the people who work there ARE AWFUL! Rude and beyond obnoxious. How can this company stay in business treating people like this? HOW?? The store manager thinks this is funny. He actually laughed uncontrollably at me. Save yourself some grief BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Also my same furniture can be bought at another Room to go store for about 2 hundred dollars less. At least they only charge the junk price. Roomstore takes junk furniture and puts high end prices on it. You buy from roomstore, you will be ripped off. That is the just of it!


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