Furniture Online ShoppingScam


I as well as hundreds of other people nationwide became a victim of this Online Furniture Shopping Scam. The company out of North Carolina called NC Furniture Buy Direct scammed so many people, and then they changed their name to NC Furniture World They would take orders, take your money and never deliver your furniture. Even if you complained about it, they will never refund your money.

The owners Darrel and Russell Buck are now faced with a lawsuit filed by Attorney General of North Carolina. They owe me $6, 500.

I have all of the details on my site that I started as a result of this scam

Beware of furniture selling companies online because they order the furniture from the third world countries for extremely cheep while charging you fake "discounted price." In the reality they make a ton of profit but you have 50/50 chance to receive your furniture.

And if they're crooks like these brothers Darrell and Russell Buck, there goes your hard earned money.

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