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1 552 W Foothill Blvd, Rialto, CA, United States
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Phone: 909 421 9010

Hello My name is Anita Luna, on 2/19/14 I walked into Furniture 4 Less stores in Rialto, I paid cash for 2 daybeds and 2 trundles along with delivery and setup. After 2 weeks of no contact from furniture 4 less, I contacted them myself. I spoke with the manager Caesar who assured me I will have my beds within that week on Thursday, even though I had plans to go to Disneyland with my family, I stayed waiting for beds that never showed up. Now frustrated, I give Caesar another call asking for my beds. He replayed by saying, there was an issues ordering the beds and I would need to wait another week. I was understanding and asked if he can give me something for such a long delay? He said yes and gave me a little lamp along with the delivery of one daybed and 2 trundles which was delivered on 3/26/14 . On 3/26/14 I had asked the delivery guys where is the other daybed I ordered? They replied saying, only one bed was ordered and to call the store. I called and spoke to manager Caesar, and he told me theirs been a delay with the black daybed and if I wanted to order another different daybed to replaced the one I ordered? I said, No the one I ordered is the one I want. Caesar, had then said, ok it will be delivered by next week and that they would call me. Today is the 2nd of April and I still haven't received my sons daybed. Being I gave my children's beds away to make room for their new beds, we've been sleeping all on one bed which is not livable and very uncomfortable. Poor living conditions for my children. To this day I've had no contact from anyone with Furniture 4 less. Need I add that all employees including management are very rude, not helpful and I also caught them all in several lies. I am now pending lawsuit with furniture 4 less. By far the worst customer service. I'd like to add, the white daybed that I received was not put together right and the 2 trundle I received is not rolling right due to a bad wheel.

Apr 2, 2014

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