FunVantage / Weird scam

1 Newburyport, MA, United States

I was trying to contact Verizon at [protected] so by mistake I dialed 800 intead 888 and got this people. I got confused thinking Verizon was offering me these reward cards, so I asked for customer service the indian in the phone said at the end of the call I will transfer you to customer service, so I gave me my credit card information, but then when he started to talk about some program and 14 days trial I started to ask if he was Verizon and then he said, no and gave me name and website of funvantage, but then I realizaed it was weird all this and told them I was not going to go for it and didn't confirm, hung up. Called my bank cancel my credit card, but who knows what they will do with my information, anyway I was a total idiot and just letting you know pay attention and Verizon should do something about their number so people don't get to that 800 number easly.

Sep 10, 2014

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