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I dialed the wrong # [protected] (off by one digit) trying to pay an electric bill. I was said to have won a $100 gift card with $4.95 shipping cost . They said there was a 15 day trial and then a $19.95 monthly fee after if not canceled. Because i was not aware that I had dialed the wrong # I thought they were legit. Within mins. I was bombarded with 4 emails claiming to charge a $19.95 monthly fee each from, Tech. Suprt., ID protect, AutoClub and Savingclb (fun advantage). I immediately called and emailed to cancel. They sent email confirmations that they canceled the services. I still called my credit card to inform them that if these charges come through that they are not authorized by me. I now have to watch my account over the next 30/60 days just to make sure and file non authorized disputes if they try to sneak in the charges. A huge pain in the A** At this point I hope to just be out of the $4.95 but have to wait and see. If you are reading this then take the same steps I did ASAP, SCAM...

Mar 24, 2014
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  • Mu
      5th of Aug, 2014

    I mistakenly dialed 800-446-3308 and was presented with this same deal. After hesitantly agreeing to try and getting as far as my addresses, I found this page and abandoned the process upon reading. Thanks! I was suspicious, but the belief that I had actually dialed my credit card company was a factor supporting authenticity. Next time double check the number before believing it's your lucky day. They didn't get my credit card number, but I'm sure to get more junk e-mail. I see that I got one offer for a contest sponsored by a newspaper in my state within 5 minutes. I dialed the number a second time, and there was some other great deal - some sort of cruise vacation.

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  • Wh
      25th of Nov, 2014

    Same exact thing. I dialed a number incorrectly and the guy even told me that he was in the marketing department of the company I was trying to dial and that I would be returned to the queue after I heard the $100 free card offer. When they sent me over to verify my information the second person talked fast and tried to add on a bunch of other services. The second guy continued the fraud and told me that I just had to redial the number I was trying to get, after which I realized it was the wrong number. Very unethical. I got my membership email and called the support line and gave them an earful about how they were conducting business and asked them to cancel my account. I'm going to also call my credit card and make sure no charges come through. How the hell do these places stay in business? Amazing

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  • Hu
      5th of Dec, 2014



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  • Ma
      14th of Sep, 2015

    The company works on something called misdials, they tend to get inbound calls redirected by one or two digits off the actual number that you've dialed. The best practice is to ask DIRECTLY and constantly if this is the company that you were trying to reach i.e. use the name of the company constantly in the call, they will eventually either clarify or just plain opt out of the call. Remember, under FTC regulations they cannot mess with your financial information otherwise they are DEAD. Also, when you call for a refund, insure that you ask for a COMPLETE refund including any and all past billings.

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