funeral plan / rude phone manners from contact centre

1 vanderbijlpark, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0793590176

This morning of Wednesday 13 May I received a phone call from edgars contact centre at 09:33 from this number [protected]. It was an African lady who said I qualify for a edgars funeral plan. As I already have a funeral plan, I told the lady I'm not interested at the moment I already have a funeral plan at another company. The lady just dropped the phone without saying anything.
I thought it was very rude as she was calling me in my personal time trying to sell a funeral plan, but she don't even have phone manners. How can she work with customers telephonically and have no decency even to end the conversation properly. I'm sure there is people like me who are very anoyed by such phone calls every 2nd day. I just have about enough now.

May 13, 2015

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