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They are ###. Funding Resource Network is a fraud just like many of these types of companies in Las Vegas. Todd Christian, so-called funding director, worked for Small Business Funding, Corporate Capital Team, and other scam grant companies. This thief is known to take his entire earnings and party on crack cocaine every weekend.

He lives in run-down roach motel.

They are located on Patrick Lane, less than a mile from Delta Innovations/Corporate Capital Team on Green Valley Pkwy. Gregg Thompson, is the owner and head-scammer.

The YouTube videos by Dr. Roskelly are truthful. Do not give these pirates a dime.

Run to the nearest exit, or better yet, take a weekend and pay them a visit.

It will impress you. The place is a dump.

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  • 92
      Feb 24, 2011

    Does it seem suspicious to anyone that they claim to be in business for 10 years, yet they have only been registered with the Nevada Corp Commission since 2009?

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  • Le
      Feb 24, 2011

    The principals of this company have operated several corporations over many years prior to utilizing this particular name for a new operation. If one is to look at the construction business, the same developer commences a different corporation for each development he engages. There is NOTHING sinister in creating a new entity for a different business. Please keep this in mind.


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  • Le
      Feb 24, 2011

    There is noting sinister in commencing a new business with a new entity. Land developers usually create new entites for each development they commence. This iis to protect the investments in the other businesses of that developer.

    Having taught law for some 15 years, the insinuation indicated in the post is misapplied and inappr0opriate

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  • Le
      Feb 24, 2011

    Dr. Roskelly has retracted these comments

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  • De
      Sep 14, 2012

    We sent them $3, 000 last year & we have received nothing. We are trying to get our money back but we are just being ignored. Do not deal with this company. They are a scam. They made it sound like we had already got the grants. All they needed was the money to start the process. All the letters we have received says they are only for non-profit organizations. The company wanted $3, 000 more to change our letter. This place needs to be put out of business before they rip someone else off.

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  • Ca
      Nov 19, 2012
    funding network - legimitacy
    Global commodity exchange
    North Carolina
    United States

    Need to know legitimacy or standing of this organization

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  • Fu
      Nov 11, 2013

    tray told me they had the grant. to send$3000, 00. and i did send the money .they change there phone number routing number122400724;account number501007197538 there bank number direct deposit bank of america

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